tipos de craneo. normocefalo o mesocefalo dolicocefalo (en nave) braquicefalo ( aplanado) turricefalo (pico) micro macro. triangulo anterior del cuello. tipos de craneo study guide by hugoberx includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. craneo proporcional al resto del cuerpo dolicocefalo. Nariz: tamaño. Tabique nasal: posición. Mucosa nasal: permeabilidad, olfato, aleteo nasal. Coriza. Oídos: forma, tamaño, posición, simetría.

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After the Celtic regions, the highest levels of cereal-related intolerance are found in Scandinavia. K maternal lineage distribution in Europe.

craneo dolicocefalo pdf

If it were so, it could be a link between the NR and NB races. Like any double-edged weapon, Genetics also has a dark side: Red Nordids are probably the main ancestors of yoga, magic, sexual metaphysics and inner cultivation systems.

Either way, we should not confer excessive importance to material cultures. Usurer, globalist and neoliberal capitalism wants a rootless, mixed, unidentified, herd-like, equalized and highly predictable flock, whose behaviour can be manipulated easily. Eyes deeply inserted in face under eyebrows that are low, narrow, moderately bushy and bring a thoughtful and audacious expression and a penetrating, aquiline and intense stare.

Freckles are not a Red Nordid inheritance, neither are they of any other pure race. Brown, medium-sized pupil, short distance between eyes. Tendency to stick out. In order to identify human races, Valg studied literally hundreds of thousands of portraits from ethnic groups worldwide for years, paying attention to traits inherited from relatives, and to the most insignificant details; in such a way that before finding portraits of pure specimens, he already knew perfectly the sort of features he was looking for, as he had mentally isolated them.

The jaw zone is redised. African countries for Africans. Her eyes are mixed: R1b, thus, occupied the Franco-Cantabrian dolicocefapo probably also another Central European one, from which the Halstatt culture and the Celts arose, already with WN and Armenid contributions and subsequently settled all Western Europe, coming into contact with White Nordids and mixing with them.

Although there are other sites in Southern and Volicocefalo Europe, the portion represented in this map corresponds to the “classical” core with the highest density of Cro-Magnon sites: This kind of selection intentionally tended to promote and increase only the genetic traits they wanted the future generations to carry.


Narrow, straight, not very fleshy, harmonious. While this premise the individual is nothing, the species is everything is not fulfilled, marriage makes no sense and is doliclcefalo admitted as valid by the natural law.

Most likely, Cro-Magnons remained in these territories because the game macrofauna such as mammoths, bisons, aurochs, etc. Such a social-reproductive strategy tends to improve the genetic make-up of the population, generation after generation. Also innocent, unable to cheat, and useless in diplomacy. They started protecting themselves from the cold, and the ended protecting themselves from the heat. It is not yet clear if the subsequent Megalithic culture is to be attributed to these residual White Nordic tribes, or to the new Red Nordid invaders who arrived around the Neolithicor to both of them.

Despite having other racial influences for instance, Ramesses was a redheadthey can be described as of Armenid racial base. This theory would be supported by the Gravettian sites found in Moldova, and by some indications suggesting some maternal U haplogroups could have crossed the Caucasus.

After some mix with Red Nordid and, to a lesser extent, Armenid elements during the Neolithic and the age of metals, the WN race will be present in the great Indo-European invasions doicocefalo in the expansion of patriarchal, aggressive, warlike, solar and “Olympic” cultures.

In turmoils yet to come, new leaders, enlightened by a biological mission, must stand out, draw science towards them, and separate the sheep from the goats, taking up again the upwards evolution of mankind doliccocefalo where it was left, carrying out a massive mutation in the West, and promoting the rise of a new species, better endowed.

We call this race “nordid” because during the glaciations, temperatures were much colder in the entire planet. To research the paternal lineage only speaks about one of them, and maternal lineage, about another.

It is hard to determine with certainty which was the first RN haplogroup, though it was probably R.


A lateral view could tell us more. This map, being more schematic, might be more illustrative than the previous. J2 frequencies in Europe and the Near East. Curvoccipitaly highly convex occipital and parietal bones. It’s so ridiculous and insulting commentary is hardly necessary.

Mesolithic and Neolithic invaders. One thing that might surprise about this map is the similar level of armenisation in North Africa and Southern Europe.

Same colour as hair, very thin and sparse. Britaincolonizeddiversityenglandeuropedolicocefa,oexterminio blancoextreme minoritymuslimraceracialrazatower hamletswhite genocide. R1a spread through the Russian steppes and Eastern Europe, creating pastoralist societies like Yamna or YamnayaPoltovka and the Volga battle-axe culture.

The information of this study fills in two important gaps: One of the genocidal “liberals” in academia who live off the taxpayers dollars is Noel Ignatiev who is profiled below: Ice-grey, very light, almost whitish. Red Nordid traits distribution per country.

Exploración de cabeza y cuello by violeta garcia on Prezi

Valg dplicocefalo also noted a lacuna in the J lineages, as Yemen, the zone where these haplogroups reach their highest frequency, is not a particularly armenised region, but there is an NR or pseudo-NR influence. Some branches are yet to be defined, for instance, C2 could correspond to an Australid race. Shape of a wedge with its tip at the nose. The Roman populace must have had higher Armenid contributions.

The Armenid race had an overwhelming success, which is manifested in the dispersion of its lineages in uncountable branches, and in the diffusion of its physical-anthropological traits in all continents.

Over 40, Maasai’s are facing eviction from their native territories as the Tanzanian government seeks to transform their indigenous lands into a hunting ground for Emirati royals. There are several plausible explanations to this unprecedented case of “accelerated evolution”: Moreover, we are talking about a race that probably lived strongly bonded and dolioccefalo, so that the number of sites must be very reduced.