Master Dungeons M2: Curse of the Kingspire [Harley Stroh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strange mists and weird lights glimmer and . Dungeon Crawl Classics # Curse of the Kingspire, was written by Harley Stroh and published by Goodman Games. It is a 2nd level. Fan Review Curse of the Kingspire M2 by Goodman Games. Again, I do not see an existing review, so if there is one that I missed, my.

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Results 1 to 1 of 1. Specs since I saw other reviews with them, I thought I’d plagiarize ahem borrow, that idea. I am happy to report that this will be much better.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #88.5 – Curse of the Kingspire

Kingshire folk have vanished like ghosts into the swamp, leaving only strange idols in their wake. At the heart of the fetic marsh, ruins of an ancient keep are all that remain of a once mighty band of rebel eladrin lords.

Cast into a foreign realm of endless horror and bloodshed, it will take all your courage and cunning to end The Curse of the Kingspire. But it is very pretty. But the actual source of the power feeding the cultists turns out to be entirely different.

DCC Trove of Treasures: The Curse of the Kingspire

After fighting their way or even just sneaking into the cult and investigating the ruins, the cult’s ritual finishes it moves at the speed of “Plot”sending the party to a pocket dimension where the ancient Eladrin fortress is reliving the same day ala Unfortunately, that day is the day the fortress was sacked and destroyed curs marauding proto-human barbarian yhe.


Everything kigspire a set pattern. There is a way out. There are three major factions vying for the power to change the situation, each with his or her own agenda. The party ends up being sent to find a lost artifact at the bottom foundations of the remote mountain on which the fortress sits.

The king’s brother took it and left right after the spell sealing the fortress into this pocket was first cast.

The players can participate in a full cycle if they wish. The rough chronicle of what happens when comes in handy. If a character dies, the party can wait until the end of the cycle, when everyone who has died is brought back. But there is a price to be paid. This adventure includes a number of fights that the party, frankly, cannot win. This is about the overwhelming hordes of barbarians storming the castle.

The destruction of the fortress in inevitable.

Dungeon Crawl Classics # – Curse of the Kingspire|Goodman Games Store

And, everything that dies comes back to life. At best, the kingspirf participating in direct combat will result in a delay. At the end of the hour cycle, the hordes attacking the fortress as well as the defenders all start where they were. Other encounters can be played either as combats or role-playing.

The party has many options for sneaking around and learning. While investigating the fortress ruins during the cultists’ ceremony, they can find objects and information that will be useful when bounced into the horror of the Fortress’ last day again.

The Curse of the Kingspire

These proto-eladrin that staff the fortress are clearly more connected to the feywild–their Eladrin encounter teleport is 7, instead of the usual 5. If the RuneBlade is 1 of 4 blades crafted, maybe the party will find the other three?

There is one math problem with the last portion of this adventure about the speed of the elevatorwhich could have been easily cleared up. During hour 2, a feast is prepared.


During hour 3 there is a battle event. During hour 4 it is consumed.

So, for an hour, it just sits on the tables, getting cold? As would the time climbing back up. There are some very nice traps in here, both clever and well detailed. The factional warfare in the court of the Crow King does remind me of Demon Queen’s Enclave, but not as severely hateful.

There is a nice touch in one bit about the guards giving up on gambling, cuurse the next day everything resets back to where kngspire was including coins, so what’s the point of winning?

Would the cards turn out the same every hand? Is there no chance of random chance anymore? Likewise the court wizard might be very generous with the magic items in her possessions and treasures, knowing that they will be back where they were if the party fails or just at the end of the hour kinbspire.

Having read the module, I am cursd forward to eventually running ccurse one. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Thursday, 15th November, Monday, 25th June, Saturday, 21st May, Wednesday, 22nd December, Sunday, 15th March, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Reset Fields Log in.