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Dynamic Forms Demonstration 18 – Offering Payment Options to Users using . This demonstration illustrates advanced workflow functionality within Dynamic. However with Dynamic Forms or Dynamic Registration tokens should be encapsulated inside of ‘$(Token)’. So if you’re passing a Token into a.

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The power and flexibility of this module is simply amazing.

This gives the site owner full control over his payment process, furthermore, it is also a cost effective solution.

Datasrings prompt attention was really helpful and much appreciated. You can demo this feature here.

Dynamic Forms 7.0

I’m able to make enterprise level web applications in hours instead of weeks. Dynamic Registration is both robust and flexible.

So you could potentially change the stylesheet class to have a red background and it would highlight the fields that the user missed with the red background etc Show More Datasprings customer service is fantastic. Their support has been good dataspringe and they have helped me through several issues.

This is the step that will force your event to only fire for new submissions, and not insert duplicate records when you are wanting to edit or delete the entry.

Auto set sort order for new questions Ability to clone questions Edit button displayed next to each field on the user-facing registration page.

Dynamic Forms – DotNetNuke Forms Module

Licensee acknowledges that this is only a limited nonexclusive license. This functionality allows you to execute a SQL statement to determine dataspribgs the user’s input is valid, and provide immediate feedback if it is not. The latest version, Version 2.

Vendor support is quick and thorough. Their enthusiasm to make their customers happy is simply astonishing. After purchase, we discovered a bit of a compatibility issue with our particular email provider Google Apps for Domains.

The new Community Repository is a growing collection of unique fields and configurations that allow you to search, filter and import fields.


I did a lot of research when looking for the best out of the box forms module. This module is amazing. You can also select multiple stylesheet options for the rating field including multiple colors for the selected rating or when you hover over the other ratings. Here are some examples where the Developer License will be required: The step-by-step manual took me through the entire process from start to finish and it was an absolute breeze to understand!

Dynamic Registration 7.3

Completion events can run based on results from previous events. Fantastic support, our issues Chad from DataSprings is very responsive and helped me troubleshoot a problem with the module, which turned out to Display results above or below the form — view form entries as they come in!

This way you never have to save a field and then later go change the sort order Now longer field names are only added to the question dropdownlist within manage questions as ‘Field Name There is a ‘View Results’ feature within Dynamic Forms where you can delete results, view a specific set of results, or export the results to Excel.

A very Nice Forms Building Module. Using this field, you will find the client-side box under Advanced Field Options as shown in the image below:. Please explain your policy regarding access to patches.

Using Datasprings Dynamic Forms to make iDeal payments > 40Fingers Websolutions

We will be using this field to determine if ydnamic form should be ready to add a new record, edit an existing record, or delete a record. Now apply SQL validation to individual questionsnot just the entire form! Need custom fields and workflow for your registration? For our bank, ING, all the information is provided through the dashboard. There’s only one module that offers itand it can be yours today.

I can honestly say that the support is just as good as the module Thanks for everything Gents! There are almost too many features with dynaimc module and the custom wizard makes creating simple forms a snap.


A business entity with independent contractors where the business entity provides website templates using our modules for various sites to operate the independent contractor’s business. What’ s N ew in Version 2. Enter your email below AND grab your spot in our big giveaway!

These guys were very responsive and did a fantastic job. The features and capabilities are incredible! Option to enable quick pop up help text when the user is focused on the current field Easier field maintenance: No questions unanswered either. New feature to set column span on fields useful for multi column field rows and more New feature to set row span on fields useful for multi column field rows and more New feature to check if the username is available via AJAX without any post backs, immediately when the user enters their username New Feature – Dynamic Payment Gateway This feature will allow you to process payments using Dynamic Registration, offering the ability to use the module as an ecommerce solution and single-form payment solution without another 3rd party shopping cart or payment processing module.

Great module, and awesome support. Instead, this is set in the field that offers the options, in this case, the Products checkbox list.

This level of customer support for such an inexpensive and powerful tool is BY FAR the best I have ever recieved from a software vendor. When you use a developer in conjunction with these modules it’s almost endless to what you can do. We also enabled the feature to display a message after form submission without redirecting to another page.