It is also from this work that I draw my philosophy for leaching the putting game in the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools. My putting bible is a work in progress. Has anybody read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible? I’ve just bought the book, but should have asked around before I did so. Putting is definitely the. Over , readers have purchased Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible after just its first year of release publication, making the book an instant.

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Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible – Instruction and Playing Tips – The Sand Trap .com

The putting game is broken down into 15 separate aspects. These are some of the reasons every golfer needs Dave’s insights into the putting game and the simplicity he brings to improving their ability to putt. On average, players read about a third puhting the actual break in a putt. Putt two balls together into the hole from say 5 feet in and less. They’re great because they clear up so many questions about the short game you may have.

We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. Posted February 20, Hence, the player must do two things.

He lives in Austin, Texas. Try putting adve this tempo on the putting green or at home on the rug, and see if it is comfortable for you. How do you tell the difference between an arc stroke or straight back and straight through stroke?


By uncovering the mysteries of this part of the game, Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible raises putting instruction to a new level. Every golfer knows a 2-foot putt counts the same as a yard drive–one stroke. But if one wants to improve, then this is what one must do.

I have a new putting drill. Alexander MacDonald rated it liked it Jun 16, I have pe,z much accepted this and I think I’ve improved just from not struggling against the natural order of it. Both play a role in improving ones game, as long as they are based on sound principles and one utilizes them properly.

Golf Book Review: Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible

Then learn that tempo and use it on all putts no matter their length – tick tock. Open Preview See a Problem?

Dave’s way is simple, he details all pepz elements involved in putting so that as a player we stop blaming our selves and learn to instead focus on the enormity of the task at hand. Definitely a complete analysis of putting. Sign In Sign Up.

Practice your putting, with this routine.

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green

Pelz adds that each of us has a natural rhythm, and that our strokes will be most consistent if we putt at that rhythm. For me, puttinng I don’t manipulate the putter face it comes inside and open on the backswing and then recenters and aligns at impact before coming inside and closed again.


In short, no one does the technical aspects of putting better than Peltz. Putt does often work in a plug about the EOB aiming and alignment device that sponsors this column.

Every golfer knows a 2-foot putt counts the same as a yard drive–one stroke. Books by Dave Pelz. The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green. Pelz offers a useful rule of thumb on reading break.

More a’s than b’s is also a problem, but much less likely. This suggests a critical distinction that is usually ignored in golf. The knowledge learned would definitely improve your putting and eliminate any questions in your mind that might confuse you. I’d recommend picking up the Z-Factor or doing something like buying a metal yardstick and making your own small arc with three tees.

Jerrell K Sheppard rated it really liked it Apr 21, Overreaders have purchased Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible after just its first year of release publication, making the book an instant classic.