It is also from this work that I draw my philosophy for leaching the putting game in the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools. My putting bible is a work in progress. Has anybody read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible? I’ve just bought the book, but should have asked around before I did so. Putting is definitely the. Over , readers have purchased Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible after just its first year of release publication, making the book an instant.

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Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible – Instruction and Playing Tips – The Sand Trap .com

Putting is definitely the weakest part of my game. Already have an account? Having said all these wonderful things, Dr.

I just finished reading Tiger’s book, and am now holding the putter much lighter in my hands. Did You Have a Eureka Moment? Keshav rated it it was amazing Sep 25, By Melly9Saturday at Read your putt, pick your line, your aiming spot, whatever. I have a new putting drill. BillW rated it really liked it Nov 27, Excellent the book contains lots of good and useful information. I mean, it’s done for a reason well, for those who do it.

Not as good as his short game bible. Rose O’Neil rated it really liked it Sep 18, Trevor rated it liked it Jan 15, And while the putting stroke is pellz one of several types of swings golfers make, it accounts for nearly half of all the swings made percent–and perhaps as much as 80 percent of all the anguish and frustration involved in the game.

Second, the feedback they provide is in actual results, for example, making a putt, not just in one technical aspect that improves ones chances of making a putt. Everything you could possibly ever desire in your lifetime to want to know about putting. To ask other readers questions about Dave Pelz’s Putting Bibleplease sign up.


Has anybody read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible? Any video puting other than that I need to get the angle more down the toe line? Sign In Sign Up. From my experience, puttinb all putters that tell me that the straight back and thru doesn’t work for them usually are doing something technically wrong and that causes them to force their hands to keep it straight back and thru.

Shorter people generally walk at a faster rate p. I have been studying the majority of strokes I see, and it seems to hold true for everybody.

One is that they have been approved, or should have been approved, by the USGA for actual play. The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green. They get over their putt and question their line, their alignment, the speed.

So in short, make sure that in your set-up your hands are directly below the shoulders. Be the first to ask a question about Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible. Not a singular darkness to light moment, puttint this year everything is finally clicking together and it did manifest fairly quickly in a couple of rounds. Published June 6th by Doubleday first published June 1st Adjust up or down a little till you are comfortable. See the Dear Dr. Putt does have one ptting two quibbles.

When I try to keep it all straight I get jacked up. Return to Book Page. For some reason, some days I walk onto the green and I’ll just plain old pretend to be confident and tell myself I can make any putt, and unbelievably I putt much better.

They make me focus too much on rote reactions to distance and not on feel. This video is a 6 iron which started on target and drew about 5 yards left of target. No trivia or quizzes yet. In the case of an arced path, the putter blade is only square with the aimline at the instant it touches the aimline, and this introduces an additional variable that lends less precision to putting.


Brant Henne rated it really liked it Dec 18, Dave Pelz 19s Putting Bible will cover all the idea 19s you 19ve ever heard about putting and with his scientific methods prove or disprove all you ever believed. Pelz gives a lot of good info about why but fails a little in the how department.

After you imagine the actual path of the ball, triple the visible break and aim there. For example, on a putt with 40 inches of break, the putt actually struck averages about 36 inches of break. First, the player must learn to read the actual break remember, about three times the visible break. Refresh and try again. So whatever rhythm one putts at, it should remain the same regardless of the length of the putt.

Dave Pelz is the most well known and a highly respected expert on the short game, especially putting.

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green

I don’t have a Z-factor, so I don’t know for sure. I never seem to be able to find them whenever I happen to be in a golf store though.

I wish I had the time and the weather to practice all of his techniques This is like a reference book, a very precise and detailed study of the art of putting.