decreto ley de pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for decreto ley de pdf printer. Will be grateful for any. Ser. – Bra. 3. COLOMBIA Code of procedure in labour cases (Codigo proce- sal del trabajo — Decreto-ley no. ) of 24 June Ortega Torres (comp.). LEY 13 DE ; LEY DE ; DECRETO DE ; DECRETO Y DE ; DECRETO DE ; LEY 23 DEL

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According to Chapter 13, trade unions shall be registered as prescribed by the law and have the status of public associations.

Labour Code of 21 December Professional participants of the labor market in the field of labor protection Article Exhibits and circumstances to be proved, Part 4. An Act to provide for the guarantee of the right to information of all persons and to establish practical effective mechanisms supportive of that right and for related matters.

Uruguay deecreto General provisions – Constitution. Establishes and from 1 July implements the renewed Classifier of Basic 2185 of Servants and Professions of Workers, which sets, inter alia, the general provisions concerning the purpose of the Classifier; also the structure of the Classifier; the characteristics of application of the Classifier; incorporation of decrero and supplements to Classifier; normative references; appendices No1, No2. Participation of self-government bodies of citizens, non-governmental non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions in ensuring labor protection Article Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No.

Presidential Decree of 9 April on measures for further stimulation of the development of private enterprises, and small and medium-size businesses Text No. Provides for freedom of information for all, transparency and free access drcreto information, information protection and State policy.

Regulates rights and duties of juridical entities and individuals in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiological sustainability; also sets the requirements for provision of sanitary-epidemiological sustainability; deals with organization and conduct of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemiological measures.

Responsibility for violation of legislation on labor protection. Sets up organizational and legal basis for denationalization of state-owned assets and privatization of public assets.

decreto ley 2158 de 1948 pdf printer

Chapter 10 provides for guarantees of human rights and freedoms equality of men and women, protection of minors, disabled and elderly persons. Law on Courts of 2 September as amended up to 27 December Regulates, inter alia, the conduct of insurance business, defines types of insurance activities, defines rights and duties of insurance companies, clarifies roles and type of activities of different insurance market participants brokers, agents, reinsurance etc.


Stimulation of the activities of organizations in the creation and issue of means of labor protection Article Publication of names of registered citizens 6. Establishes, inter alia, the concept, general principles and forms of social partnership, state support to social partnership including property, state grants, subsidies, state social order, also stipulates the rights and duties of the subjects of social partnership including nongovernmental organizations, other institutes of civil society, state bodies in the relevant sphere; gives final provisions of the dispute solution, liability for the violation of the legislation.

Labour Code of 21 December Reforma constitucional aprobada el 26 de noviembre de An Act to provide for the provisions of meteorology, geological hazards and climate change and for related purposes.

Provides for freedom of information for all, transparency and free access to information, information protection decrero State policy. Certification of workplaces due to working conditions Article Meeting labor protection requirements for the design, construction, reconstruction and exploitation of facilities, issue and repair of the means of production Article UP of 31 May on supplementary measures to stimulate creation and activity of enterprises with foreign investments Text No.

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Article 49 of this chapter deals with infraction of labour legislation by an official of labour and occupational safety legislation, denial of engagement of citizens sent by local labour organs, and administrative constraint to perform work. Sets up, inter alia, basis for State policy in the field of licensing, the competences of public bodies involved in this field, defines the types of activities that are required to be licensed which are the ones the ones with potential to cause damage to public health and safety.

Also, amends article 4 Additional guarantees and measures of protection provided for foreign investors of the Law on Guarantees and Measures of Protection of Foreign Investors’ Rights supplementing it with a new paragraph on implementing modern high technologies and making changes in the wording of parts 3, 4.


De los procedimientos especiales Libro Cuarto: Uruguay – General provisions – Law, Act. Del Proceso en Audiencia.

Cartilla Derecho Procesal Y Laboral

Chapter 10 provides for guarantees of human rights and 2518 equality of men and women, protection of minors, disabled and elderly persons. Amends the Penal Code, inter alia, by inserting a new section 92A entitled “Abduction of a person under 18 years of age” which concerns the sexual exploitation of children under the age of 18 years old.

Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, supplementing it with new article Additional guarantees for job placement to workers elected decgeto appointed for the positions of dee ; the Law on the Employment of Population supplementing it with new article 9 1 Additional guarantees for job placement to workers elected or appointed for the positions of judges ; the Family Code rephrasing articles The purpose of guardianship and trusteeshipImplementation of guardianship and trusteeship. Amends, inter alia, the Act of on social associations, the Act of on presidential elections, the Act of on referendum, the Act of on social protection of the disabled, the Act of on basis of State youth policy, and the Act of on guarantees of freedom of enterprise activity.

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The content of the new text of the law as follows: Article provides for violation of right to work. Act of 12 December to amend and supplement several legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan Text No.

Section deals with discrimination and makes it an offence to “discriminate against another person with respect to his right to the supply of goods or services, or to gain or continue in any employment, or to be admitted drcreto any public place, by reason of the sex, ethnic decrfto racial origin, or the religion of such other person.