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Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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However, when a battle requires combat skill, Nina really can’t do too much. However, he shines mostly in offensive power. Use a couple of rounds of physical attack will bring them down. The Light Dragons balanced the power of the family and peace reigned. Buy an armpad and leave the town. Soon enough, you’ll come to a pool of water. She will tell Ryu that the King is not available right now and tells him to go to sleep. Follow her in to a mole town. Nina asks why this happens to her but later she decides to leave this scary area.

If you chose option 2 then you have to have the Hero turn into Rudra, have Puka attack and have Nina cast her magic and Bleu use BoltX or you can just turn into Agni and pound him. First off, you’ll find an inn and a Dragon Shrine at the northwest corner of town.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

Use him as combined magic practice. This place is great to level up. However, the sword is broken but they manages to escape. Go into one of the houses where you will see Nina in a different color outfit. After passing the ot curtain to the other side, the two people notice somebody behind the curtain and one of them flies through the ceiling to chase them.

He will then ask you to turn around.

Breath of Fire IV Part #53 – Chapter LII: Of Gods And Men

I know I still have much work to do. After picking that up, go head up the stairs in the center. Go to the slope on northeast and follow the path carefully to detonaado exit at the end.


Remember this area near Chek? Also if you are not stocked with at least 9 Herbs then I suggest you go back and get some, because you will lose without them. Wisp has no second wind so he will fall after the first try. The rest of the members have no choice but to leave this forest. And we call detonwdo heroes I mean, we, uh, bought that from a travelling merchant!

This battle also gives a nice number of Exp and Gold. Enter to reach a merchant on a small oasis. Notice that there is a treasure chest on the ledge above the ledge where the party entered. Suggest purchasing setonado few Herbs and Antdts though. Detonqdo to the second mechanism and wait until its board joints with the board on the third mechanism on the east. Nina will talk to her father of rire to the underground dungeon beneath the palace. Feel free to save your game before heading out.

Before going to the castle of Rudia, leave this town to the map. Use the spell on Bo if you’d prefer him to attack with a bow. Key or heal and use items. In the next room, there is guard guarding the doorway on the east and a staircase leading up. It contains a Cure.

Key and have Bo Fry one of the lancers then Fry the General from brath on. That’s literally the Slicer with only 2 more Power, and it has the additional drawback that sometimes it ignores what you told the user to do and attacks a party member.


Heal up and talk to it. However, after beating the game, something much more interesting shows up here. The lady will leave Kahn’s matter away and the party members have potentials for her When the party has reached combo damage of or more.

There Nina will detobado to put in the key but something will go wrong like always.

Now head for Gramor and talk to the leader to figure out how to use it. That’s not his final move, though. The faeries come out to thank Ryu for helping them get rid of the demon. Behind the hut is another treasure chest and leave this detpnado area. Once that is in your inventory, step onto the transport tile above the chest to be brought to the starting platform again. Once you enter, you will see RugaX running rampage around the house and so you must destroy it.

Step on the blue tile and you will be teleported to Upgrade your equipment if you have to and detondo head for Winlan. The robot opens up its head and a spirit comes out and then enters the body of the witch. Bolt spell does 20 damage to your character. While the aircraft is hovering on the sky, a gigantic dragon appears on the party’s sight.

The orange faerie suddenly remember what Ryu wants and asks him to wait for while. In the midway move the snowball along to the junction and move down the slope to make another stepping-stone.