Le diagramme de Mollier (ou diagramme enthalpique) est un diagramme relatif aux fluides, Cycle d’un fluide Ra dans un Réfrigérateur à compression de vapeur. Les frigoristes utilisent des diagrammes enthalpiques pour y tracer le. DownloadDiagramme de mollier ra pdf. If you can then copy the data from the table and post here I d be forever in your debt I have moved from processing. CENTRE DE RECHERCHE RHÔNE-ALPES. Pression absolue. Absolute pressure (bar).

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Diagramme enthalpique — Wikipédia

RaoThermodynamicsUniversities Press, p. It can be used in practical applications such as maltingto represent the grain—air—moisture system. The underlying property data for the Mollier diagram is identical to a psychrometric chart. So the expansion process in a turbine can be easily calculated using the h—s chart when the process is considered to be ideal which is the case normally when calculating enthalpies, entropies, etc.

At first inspection, there may appear little resemblance between the charts, but if the user rotates a chart ninety degrees and looks at it in doagramme mirror, the resemblance is apparent.

At the Thermodynamics Conference held in Los Angeles it was decided to name, in his honor, as a “Mollier diagram” any thermodynamic diagram using the enthalpy as one of its axes. Lines of constant dryness fraction xsometimes called the qualityare drawn in the wet region and lines of constant temperature dizgramme drawn in the superheated region.


Enthalpy–entropy chart

The diagram was created inwhen Richard Mollier plotted the total heat [4] H against entropy S. On the diagram, lines of constant pressure, constant temperature and volume are plotted, so in a two-phase region, the lines of constant pressure and temperature coincide.

In general such charts do not show the values of specific volumesnor do they show the enthalpies of saturated water at pressures which are of the order of those experienced in condensers in a thermal power station. In an isenthalpic processthe enthalpy is constant.

Enthalpy–entropy chart – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. The enthalpy coordinate is skewed and the constant enthalpy lines are parallel and evenly spaced.

Above the heavy line, the temperature is r13a the boiling point, and the dry superheated substance is gas only. The Mollier diagram coordinates are enthalpy h and humidity ratio x. The work done in a process on vapor cycles is represented by length of hso it can be measured directly, whereas in a T—s diagram it has to be computed using thermodynamic relationship between thermodynamic properties.

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Diagrammes des vapeurs des corps purs

Retrieved from ” https: The process 3—4 in a Rankine cycle is isentropic when the steam turbine is said to be an ideal one.

Commons category link is locally defined. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat A vertical line in the h—s chart represents an isentropic process.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to H-S diagrams. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later the deviations from the ideal values and they can be calculated considering the isentropic efficiency of the steam turbine used. In an isobaric processthe pressure remains constant, so the heat interaction is the change in enthalpy.

An enthalpy—entropy chartalso known as the H — S chart or Mollier diagramplots the total heat against entropy, [1] describing the enthalpy of a thermodynamic system. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.