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When Maddie meets the gorgeous Greek shipping magnate Dimitri at a party, they fall passionately in love. Even though the sudden engagement makes her head spin, Maddie cannot believe her luck. Dimitri’s beautiful childhood friend is waiting for her at the mansion in Athens, and. Read The Kouvaris Marriage by Diana Hamilton by Diana Hamilton by Diana Hamilton for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone. The Kouvaris Marriage (Wedlocked!) by Diana Hamilton Рbook cover, description , publication history.

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A Baby for the Boss. The story begins with the heroine Maddie and the hero Dimitri meeting and then Dimitri following her to England to propose, after what seems like love at first sight. PaperbackHarlequin Presentspages. The Sinner’s Marriage Redemption.

OW is like a sister to the hero 2. But Dimitri is determined to keep Maddie at his side–and in his bed–until she bears the Kouvaris heir. Be the first to ask a question about The Kouvaris Marriage.

His for a Price. Claiming His Wedding Night. I mean, there is not causing waves, and then there’s having a modicum of common sense. In the Brazilian’s Debt.


Heroine was an idiot who believed everyone but her poor husband. The Oliver is Marriage This story was about two people who married soon after meeting. We appreciate your feedback. Her Nine Month Confession. First things first, this was a good read and it was the classic tale of each character misunderstanding each other, which could have been cleared up if only they talked to one another, but of course that doesn’t happen ’cause they are stubborn!


How to write a great review. Thirty Days to Win His Wife. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. That close friend tells her that as she is unable to have children he married in order to get her pregnant then divorce her, taking the child away from her, and will be able to marry her.


Bought for Her Innocence. When they find out she is expecting a baby, Dimitri tries to make amends and Maddie tries to believe that she can make Dimitri fall in love with her and vows that no one will take her baby from her.

Sadly, Diana Hamilton passed away on May 3,at her home in Shropshire, surrounded by her family. Ratings and Reviews 0 3 star ratings 0 reviews. The story gets bumped to a marginal two star as there is some other nice angsty stuff and although the hero is an ass-hat, he really loves the heroine.

This is a classic story where both hero and heroine could easily have cleared up their problems had they only communicated. Back in the Brazilian’s Bed. The Spaniard’s Pleasurable Vengeance. I wasn’t too keen on the characters. Dimitri tracks her down and forces her back to their marriage with blackmail as her family is in financial trouble.


You’ve hqmilton reported this review. I actually like Dimitri in this novel, hamllton a bit, even though he made some ghastly mistakes. In reality, people tend to actually communicate, even if only a doana.

Claiming His Christmas Consequence. Prince Nadir’s Secret Heir. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

She loathed housework but made to do her share, to lessen the boredom, she told herself stories, in a very loud voice, featuring princesses and flower gardens, discovering that telling herself stories was almost as good as reading them in a book. Little did Alissa know that Jethro was a ruthless millionaire, who was determined to have her in his life – and bed – forever Bedded For The Italian’s Pleasure.

The Wedding Night Debt.

The Secret Sanchez Heir. Dimitri manages to track eiana down b Dimitri apparently fell for Maddie from their first meeting. The Magnate’s Tempestuous Marriage. Wedded at the Italian’s Convenience. There was an OW who had prior claims on the H and the H was left with doubts of his commitment to her.

Mistress of His Revenge.