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Or will they need to sacrifice one for the other? There are also some unexpected twists, I don’t want to spoil, but that are very well intertwined in the story.


Clouds and Rain Stories. I like how they fall in love, and how much it was impossible to both admit it. Too cruel, too vindictive, too negative.

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Franklyn Galloway is the youngest son of a conservative Evangelical minister, and it goes without saying that he is stuck in the closet. His marriage with perfect woman, whom everybody admired was flawless, but something was missing in his life, something creeping to osens mind especially in the dark.

Tierra y Cielo By Zahra Owens. How explicit do you like the sex in your reads?

Jack e Luke devono affrontare molte traversie e devono fare dolorose rinunce, ma possono contare sul profondo legame che li lega e sull’amicizia anche talvolta inaspettata di persone valide e molto umane. Now that Rory is eligible for parole, Tim makes it his goal to persuade his boss, Hunter Krause, to give Rory a second chance.


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When their women decide to go on a weekend trip together, Jack and Lucas start a passionate relationship, which continues long after their partners return. Funnily enough this is my first book about a diplomat and though I can’t comment on the verisimilitude of the diplomatic protocol, it appeared to be accurate in the portrayal of diplomats caught in the middle of unpopular policy put forth by th Though this had its quirks, Owems thoroughly enjoyed this little gem of a book.

Come puoi non fare il tifo per loro?

I don’t really need to know what ALL the people in a story are thinking or what their motivational processes are – again, if the story is told correctly then the main character can describe the actions, emotions, facial expressions etc. However there were issues, but its important to keep in mind this zahrx isn’t a native English speaker.

Il ferimento di Jack, il ricatto di Maria che nel frattempo ha scoperto tutto, la separazione.

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It didn’t feel very cosmopolitan, unfortunately. Jack e Lukas si sentono attratti come magneti, si incontrano quando possono, anche solo per rubare poche ore di passione da qualche parte.

Balance By Zahra Owens. He has a wonderful career and he is an example for all the men around him: Want to Read Zzhra Reading Read. For a man who never gave in diplonazia his needs to be with another guy in order to protect his career, Jack gave in way too easily to Lucas.


The development of the relationship kept me reading on and I had no problem with the cheating in this book. Boring story and average writing. I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would when I started it. Yeah, I didn’t buy it. De petits gestes en caresses, ils succomberont. It’s a suicide to his carrer, he can’t admit he felt in love with another man.

Zahhra after months of separation Jack is so ready to forgive Lucas in a blink of an eye without even asking for an explanation. He clearly goes into with his eyes open and has his own relationship going strong at the time. Now looking for more books about diplomats!!

Ma torniamo al libro. What I didn’t like: Worth reading if you like romance. When Fran’s father, an evangelical minister, dies, Fran hopes the rest of his family will be more accepting. There are no dead bodies, no mystery and not much angst either. It’s an of Do you know that feeling? The promise of the embassy setting fell quite flat, in my opinion.

But, okay, I do like imperfect characters and character growth so I chose to pass all that prejudice through a filter to see if I could let it go and enjoy the story.