The doctrine of signatures is the age-old belief that plants resemble the very body physician Paracelsus () was a notable advocate of the doctrine of. Key Words: Doctrine of signatures, medicinal plant selection, medicinal plants, organoleptic properties, transmission of knowledge, Paracelsus, signatures. The Doctrine of Signatures may have been a medical concept of the ancient was revived by “Paracelsus” (Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), a.

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Brown, dotcrine roots, high in oils, spicy and warming, that the bears like to eat in the spring: As the color tends more towards the blue or purple side it becomes more of a blood purifier or detoxifier, acting on fever and inflammation arising out of impurities in the blood and fluids that need to be burned up.

The Doctrine of Signatures – Natura Sophia

I would simplify matters by explaining that he is talking about what we would today call the three embryological tissues and the constitutions related to each. Up to the end of the sixteenth century, resemblance played a constructive role in the knowledge of Western culture. And self doxtrine is one of the great drawing agents in herbalism.

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Doctrine of signatures

These herbs have been much employed as alteratives blood purifiers and as nervines or antispasmodics Harris, We see this in blue vervain, lobelia, skullcap, blue cohosh which together formed an antispasmodic remedy put together by Dr. The signature of the following herbs is their thin, thread-like stems and root, suggesting the sewing up of skin lesions: The character Stephen Dedalus walking along the beach, thinking to himself “Signatures of all things I am here to read, seaspawn and seawrack, the nearing tide, that rusty boot”.


This is a virtue to which white academia is blind. A subdivision of the above. Goethe does not just pigeonhole the plant under an astrological symbol, as do so many of the astrological and alchemical physicians.

Burdock heads reflect the use of the plant in hair isgnatures from unhealthy scalp problems. I remember, when I first read this I thought it was utterly ridiculous, but after nearly a decade working in an herb store I came to recognize, from pure experience, that there were plants with leaves that stuck together, when the vast majority did not. They provide the primal bedrock on which life is to be built.

He did not approve of it, because it was associated with peasants and people close to the land rather than trained, educated, upper class practitioners. Within the traditional use of similarity and signature we find tendencies in both directions.

To the follower of Asclepias who wanders among the lonely heights. In the early nineteenth century the German poet J. Other plants have small hairs resembling the hair on the skin, or the hairs on the mucosa of lung and intestine.

Paracelsus, the Doctrine of Signatures, and Plant Spirit Shamanism | Ayahuascashamanism’s Weblog

In my experience, this is the remedy for the most extreme, unbearable pain, the pain of torture, where people writhe in agony from lack of relief. When a person dreams of an animal signatured gain special insight, which is called ‘medicine.


Lenticels openings in the outer layer of cork and tissues of stems also represent skin lesions. Walnuts resemble the human brain.

The doctrine of signatures is used around the world in pre-modern cultures where thought-by-association is accepted as a valid means of obtaining knowledge of the world. Some of them are also purgatives, due to the presence of the yellow anthroquinones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The color may be seen in any part of the plant, not just the flower, fruit, or decoction, but it is less often seen in the leaves and stems. When I began the practice of herbalism I wanted to practice in a way that uplifted me every time I participated in a healing event, not just the client.

When life and death began their struggle within me, I sense the hosts of life, this flower on their standard, forced the issue, and the stagnating forces of the enemy, the deathly oppressive powers, met their Waterloo.

An extra indication for nerve-relaxing properties is the presence of a square or sharp-sided stem. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Steiner argued that the true self was not bad or greedy or self-possessed, but innately virtuous because of it’s spiritual grounding. Truly Napoleonic is the style in which illness is met, grandiose the way in which a decision is forced.