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Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 DoD Directive · DoD R (Joint Ethics Regulations). subsection Ab. of Enclosure 3 of DoD Directive of May 6, (32 C.F.R. ) and effect. All DoD Component regulations implementing these cancelled DoD. Directives, and all SCHAPTER 1. DoD R. changes to DoD R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER),” August DoD Component’s ethics programs for DoD employees, both civilian.

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There are limitations on certain outside activities such as receipt of outside earned income by certain DoD Presidential appointees or non-career DoD employees, service as an expert witness, participation in professional associations, teaching, writing, speaking, or fundraising. Maintain a current copy of this Regulation, and all changes, for review by any DoD employee; d. Soliciting contributions for gifts or giving gifts to superiors, or accepting gifts from subordinates 5 U. As you ehtics the stakeholders, try to note the way your decision could affect them.

The term “immediate office,” as used in section A DoD employee may accept a sponsor’s unsolicited gift of free attendance for himself and an accompanying spouse at an event sponsored by a State or local government or by a civic organization exempt from rfgulation under 26 U.

Limitation on Solicited Sales The content and interpretation of the law addressed herein is subject to revision. The long sod problems of unethical solutions will not be worth the short term advantages. Although ethics counseling and advice are given by DoD attorneys and involve interpretation of law and regulation and rendering of legal opinion, no attorney-client or other confidential relationship is created. Provide sufficient resources including funding and investigative, audit, legal, training and administrative staff to enable the DoD Component DAEO or designee to implement and administer the DoD Component’s ethics programs in a positive and effective manner.

When the Ethics Counselor determines that a reporting individual has complied fully with the remedial measures, a notation to that effect shall be made on the OGE Form DoD employees may not receive additional pay or allowances for disbursement of public money or for the performance of any other service or duty unless specifically authorized by law.


In public service, competence is only the starting point. Be personally accountable for the command’s or organization’s ethics program, including its ethics and procurement integrity training program, and the command’s or organization’s compliance with every requirement of this Regulation. Manage the DoD EOC and call periodic meetings to consider current issues in ethics and standards of conduct; b.

Government Ethics

Although it is conceivable that an ethical decision could violate a law or regulation, such 5500.7-t are rare. Assign personnel action officers the responsibility of providing the required information at local levels; c.

Loyalty requires careful balancing among various interests, values and institutions in the interest of harmony and cohesion. Violations of 41 U. After review, the DoD Component DAEO or designee may proceed to obtain additional information, seek remedial action, or sign tegulation date the report.

A DoD employee may continue to participate in a bona fide pension, ethicx, insurance, bonus, or other employee welfare or benefit plan maintained by his former employer. The Director, Washington Headquarters Services shall: DoD employees should exercise regjlation care when transmitting any sensitive information, or other valued data. In some circumstances, silence is dishonest, yet in other circumstances, disclosing information would be wrong and perhaps unlawful.

Part Reference a in subsection 5500.7r this Regulation, this Regulation part, and implementing guidance and procedures. Regardless of the number of DoD employees contributing to a gift or gifts on a special, infrequent occasion as permitted by 5 C. Action within a DoD Component. DoD employees shall become familiar with the scope of and authority for the official activities for which they are responsible.

See subsection of jont Regulation, above. If the Ethics Counselor concludes that the report does fulfill the requirements, he shall sign and date the report. Navy may be used, the same as other conventional titles such as Mr. Department of Defense Standards of Conduct Office United States Office of Government Ethics The information contained in this Web site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter.

Other ethics statutes are summarized in 5 C.

These pronouns include she, hers, her, and herself. DoD employees are expected ethids set an example of superior diligence and commitment. Impartiality of DoD Employees. This new rule however is not effective until issuance of implementing regulations. Acceptance of Incidental Benefits The requests shall contain a clear statement of the reasons for the request and shall be submitted in advance of the original filing deadline.

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File:DoD R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes ).pdf – Wikimedia Commons

Both the act of soliciting and the act of selling as a result of soliciting are prohibited. Gifts from Outside Sources. The information contained in this Web site is provided for informational regulaiton only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter. Action by the U.

Representations can be either oral or written. Ethical values relate to what is right and wrong and thus take precedence over non-ethical values when making ethical decisions. Concealing or failing to report to proper authorities the commission of a felony under regulatino criminal statute if the individual knew of the actual commission of the crime 18 U.

Interference in an examination or personnel action in connection with Federal Government employment 18 U. Statutory and related prohibitions, restrictions, and requirements DoD employees may solicit, accept, and consider any statement with respect to a DoD employee or applicant described in subsection Any person who acts as an agent of a foreign principal must file a registration statement with the U. Restrictions on Federal Government Employment. Although the descriptions do provide general guidelines, the descriptions are not exhaustive and restrictions are dependent on the specific facts in a particular case.

DOD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes 1-7.

If the Ethics Counselor determines that it does not, he shall:. Ensure that DoD employees of the command or organization attend required ethics and procurement integrity training. Exercise personal leadership and take personal responsibility through the DoD Component DAEO or designee for establishing and maintaining the DoD Component’s ethics program and be personally accountable for the DoD Component’s compliance with every requirement of this Regulation, including the ethics and procurement integrity training requirements.