Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Download the The Duncton Chronicles audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Get the Audible Audio. This series of six novels was published over a thirteen years, starting with Duncton Wood in It’s a story of spiritual quest, with all the trials and triumphs of.

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More powerful than it has any right to be. For me, Horwood has got the combination of animals and fantasy and faith and countryside just This is a very short review because I should be working, but I need to return a few books to the library today Thank you for everything Neither of these next 2 books is nearly as long, but they sit higher on my shelf than the ones I just mentioned because their feeling is much more genuine, much closer to Horwood’s writing.

Existing subscribers will receive details of how to claim their free ebook from Unbound very shortly. Also, any plans to make them into full-length films? However there are other books that start off good but are so long that by the time I start getting close to the end my eyes start glasing over and I quickly begin to lose interest.

Each book stood alone, as do the phases of our lives; yet each led to the next. So, having had a long trek around second hand shops to try to find a copy of Duncton Wood for my daughter’s 11th birthday, I’m really glad you’re re-publishing! I know from experience that studying a book in school gives you a different interpretation of it. Mayweed’s story broke my heart. But let me follow up your idea a little and get back to you about it.

Not all of it was convincing, such as the suggestion that brutality can be explained by a traumatic birth, and you need to set aside what you know if you are in any way familiar with the ecology of moles the general behaviour of Horwood’s characters is probably closer to that of Badgers.

Another thing about this book is that the author seems to be using the same method that was first used in Watership Downsthough I had no idea that this was going to be the case until I started reading the book. The story rambles like the tunnels in which most of the action takes place, but I found myself following with fascination the lives of Bracken and Boswell, Rune and Rebecca, Mandrake and Medlar, Comfrey and Cairn and so many more.


Duncton Wood (Duncton Chronicles, #1) by William Horwood

I understand that this only increases in the future books of the series, which disappoints me, because I found it a little too preachy. Thank you for the question!

If Richard Adams Watership Down woodd Tolkien wrote a book together however unlikely that sounds it might look something like Duncton Wood. Watership Down with more plot, more emotional depth and a resonance that makes it hard to shake and keeps readers returning to the wood decades after they first discovered it. We have traveled to places such as Stonehenge and danced for the moles and left offerings of bread and milk to symbolize the Earth Goddess of nature and her love for us all. These people are helping to fund Duncton Wood Deluxe Edition.

I bought Duncton Wood at an airport en route on family holiday when I was I still have the original paperback edition dunccton that gorgeous front cover artwork.

So for now it’s the Masterclass with Unbound woood the occasional literary festival gig where ‘how to write and get published’ inevitably comes up. Just finished reading this for the second time. Then it introduces the antagonist, a mole named Mandrake, who is actually a pretty big mole that came into the system from afar and pretty much took over. I love your books and still have my copies of the Duncton Chronicles and Hyddenworld.

I would buy a lithograph of that image at the drop of a hat!

Paperbackpages. This, in turn, led to another trilogy, called the Book of Silence. Since then, I have read it every couple of years. This puts into perspective the journeys that the moles undertook during the course of Duncton Wood. This book has been published and you can buy Dundton limited edition below.

I must admit I am facing quite a struggle in trying to write this review. His mother, a blue-stocking intellectual, decamped to the East Kent coast when it was discovered that along with himself, another of her five children was illegitimate. Those stories left a permanent imprint in my memory and heart.

Woox in I’m reading it again and will continue with the rest of the story, its a must read, you will not be disapointed. Mar 17, Kathy Dolan rated it liked it Shelves: Almost a decade later, Horwood completed two directly related sequels that follow the events of the first, in which the central character is Bracken and Rebecca’s son Tryfan.


Charles – in many ways The Stonor Eagles was a precursor of my fictionalized memoir The Boy with No Shoes, which couldn’t have been written without Stonor.

The Duncton Chronicles

I want her to read this and bought a copy on Amazon but I will de reading it again before she gets her hands on it. Not only does Horwood have a brilliant grasp of the natural settings of his books, from temperature to plant life, but also he does not ram this eood readers throats, so aood the “beauty” of flowers, rocks and hills is not overshadowed by their scientific nature or even their uses in the life of moles.

As well as speaking, they worship the Stone, they scribe books and they have the capacity to love. Sep 19, Luke Walker rated it it was amazing. For me, Horwood has got the combination of animals ducnton fantasy and faith and countryside just right. But for his love and enterprise there would be no Bracken now. The rabbits in WD were rabbits, not humans in rabbit guise.

When Horwood is concentrating on the goings on in the Duncton system, describing the moles and their daily lives, he is dunton his strongest. The system of mole tunnels under Duncton Wood is large, and moles in one part hardly know those from other parts of the system. Would be really awesome! It’s one of the pleasures and rewards of an author’s life to hear from readers in the way you’ve written and to know that the stories we write reach into the hearts of minds of those who pick up our books and start turning the pages.

I would rate the books up there with Lord of the rings, Dune, the dark materials trilogy and watership down.