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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. , Vol. 30, No. 4, SOME EVIDENCE DONALD G. DUTTON2 AND ARTHUR P. ARON. University of. The suspension bridge experiment was conducted by Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron in , in order to demonstrate a process where people. Short talk about the famous psychological experiment of Douglas Dutton and Arthur Aron in which males passing a high anxiety inducing.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tasks were to unscramble anagrams or to recall as many nonsense syllables as they could after seeing them briefly. The Effect of Arousal on Attraction: They conducted two experiments with 89 female undergraduates to show that misattribution procedures can alter physiological response to a conditioned ditton of a fear duthon arousal.

The researchers also found that aroused raters would dislike arln unattractive confederate more than those without arousal. The Power of the Situation. The video was a self-disclosure statement where the female discussed hobbies and other typically dating related material.

The experiment confirmed the researcher’s hypothesis that individuals in a neutral aroused state were more likely to rate a target as attractive than an unaroused individual. A response-facilitation alternative to misattribution and negative-reinforcement models”.

The experimenter was female for half of the participants and male for the others. When fear becomes attraction After these men crossed the bridge, they were asked by an experimenter if they are willing to answer some questions.

Two-Factor Theory of Love – The Psych Apprentice

In the first condition, the men who were surveyed during their cross over the bridge would have had their arousal level increased as they were speaking to the woman. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Download ppt “The study of Dutton and Aron Therefore, Dutton and Aron had the woman survey the men under two conditions: The researchers told participants that they would be exposed to a subliminal noise and were then asked if they could predict how well they would do on two tasks.

Fear is not the only emotion that can be a result of misattribution of arousal. Aroj, a study conducted by Allen, Kenrick, Linder and McCall in suggested an alternative explanation to the misattribution of arousal in terms raon attraction-arousal as there are other types of arousal that can be misattributed.


There were no significant differences on either bridge when the researchers used a male confederate to give the Thematic Apperception Test and his phone number for any further questions about the experiment.

Based on this, psychologists Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron proceeded to study the two-factor theory in terms of romantic attraction. Based on the meaning maintenance model Heine et al.

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One of the initial studies looking into this phenomenon conducted by Schachter and Singer [1] was based on the idea that the experience of arousal could be ambiguous and therefore misattributed to an incorrect djtton. After completing the video, participants were anv thirteen attraction trait criteria on which to rate the female.

Afterward, the men were given the attractive woman’s phone number in case they had any further questions. Methods and Design by Goodwin In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, today’s special Lexicon entry is about a theory on romantic love by Dutton and Aron The participants then were observed to see if they appeared to be angry or euphoric and took a self-reported survey about their mood.

The two-factor theory of love is derived from a broader two-factor theory of emotion, proposed by Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer in Misattribution of arousal can also influence how much confidence one feels before completing a task. The results suggested that self perception and attribution play a major role in emotional response.

Paige Coulter-Kern Scott Samale. A second experiment replicated this first experiment. In the first experiment, 54 male participants were placed under varying degrees of physical exertion, in order to create a state of arousal.

Misattribution of arousal

Social Comparison and Emotion Schachter – fear and affiliation studies social comparison is sought with similar others; shared fate. The participants were then asked to view a video of a female confederate either manipulated to be attractive or unattractive. So if you get duttno by cupid this Valentines Day, remember – it might just be anxiety.

We think you have liked this presentation. Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron ‘s [3] study to test the causation of misattribution of arousal incorporated an attractive confederate female to wait at the end of a bridge that was either a suspension bridge that would induce fear or a sturdy bridge that would not induce dutotn. Misattribution of arousal is a term in psychology which describes the process whereby people make a mistake in assuming what is causing them to feel aroused.


They ran a field experiment xutton two bridges over a river in British Columbia – one, a znd wooden bridge 10 feet above the river, while the other, a suspension bridge feet above the river. Methods and Design by Goodwin. Typically people feel more confident before they are supposed to do a task, but the closer anr get to having to perform that task, the less confident they feel, which could be due to the arousal from the expectation of the performance.

This demonstrates another potential model that could explain the attraction-arousal component of the misattribution of arousal theory.

At the end, the experimenter offered his or her phone number so that the respondent can call in for results if interested. Registration Forgot your password? The two-factor theory of emotion by Schachter and Singer makes the following prediction: After the males crossed the bridge, they were stopped by a female confederate and took a Thematic Cutton Test wherein they had to compose a short story based on an ambiguous image; the image chosen was purposefully not sexual at all.

Misattribution of arousal, which is an influence on emotion arob, can be found in multiple situations, such as romantic situations and physiological responses from exercise.

Dutton and Aron Suspension Bridge Experiment | Psychology Concepts

Sixty six male participants were asked to watch one of the videos and then rate the female as in the first study. More males contacted the female experimenter when they had just walked down the suspension bridge, which was thought to be duttno to their misattribution of their arousal they believed that they were feeling sexual arousal at the sight of the female instead of feeling the leftover physiological arousal from the fear of walking across the suspension bridge. The respondents were instructed to invent a story to this; arkn picture did not have any obvious sexual content.

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