Perfect russian tube 6F3P an equivalent to the 6BM8 and ECL Made for military. OTK stamp on each tube. Svetlana factory. General characteristics: Name. Class, Va, Vg2, Vg1, Ia, Ig2, Ra, S, Zout, Pout, THD. Triode, , 0, , 27,, A S/E, , , , 35, 7, 20,, , 5,, , Purchase Electro-Harmonix 6BM8 / ECL82 vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier .

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Collection of Stig Comstedt S. The Mullard ECL82 vintage tube is also commonly used in antique record players.

Collection of Tomasz Szczesniak PL. Even though different types of hube tubes, also known as valves, have a similar appearance, they perform differently. When you pick a pair of matched tubes, you get multiple tubes at one time, enabling you to easily build your collection of replacement vacuum tubes.

Antique radios, Old Time Radios. It is important to search for a tube meant for use in your amp or audio equipment. Do this by pairing the valve with a rectifier hube soldering the pins of the valve to the socket.


When it was first produced, the Mullard ECL82 vintage tube was created as an audio triode that combined with an internal output pentode.

Single Tube amplifier

You even can look up ttube models with a certain tube line up. Thanks to its attractive appearance, collectors love to display it with the most handsome tubes from their collection. Collection of Alberto Ammendola I. When the vacuum tube burns out, your device loses power.

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Mullard ECL82- Vintage Tube

Keep your amp intact and working like it is supposed to by opting for a valve original to the unit, such as the Mullard ECL82 vintage fube. It also looks smashing when used in an open amp, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the amp. Restore power as quickly as possible by swapping that burnt out vacuum tube for a fresh one.

Show More Show Less. Collection of Trev Levick D.

Collection of Franco Antolini I. Single tubes may be cheaper, but a pair of tubes is more affordable per unit.


Text in other languages may differ. This distinct tube boasts a long, slender shape.

If you adore the nostalgic audio output of the s, the Mullard ECL82 vintage tube helps you achieve this goal. Collection of Roland Biesler D. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links.

Collection of Reinhard Riek D. Mullard Vintage Tube Amplifiers. Collection of Klemens Rhode D. Collection of Kazimierz Jarosz S. Collection of Ralf Meinke D. Vacuum tubes tubee evacuated containers that tuve the flow of electrons; this electron flow is necessary to power your amplifier or radio.

Use this tube in a number of electronics, including record players, audio amps, phono stages, televisions, and stereos. ECL82 End of forum contributions about this tube. If you prefer to pair your guitar with an antique amp, the Mullard ECL82 provides clear sound in this type of audio equipment.