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GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to RADAR Vector STAR – Instrument STAR RNAV (GPS) (West) Rwy 07C/R/ Rwy 25L/C. Frankfurt/Main – EDDF Surface. Elevation. Approach. RWY 07C (°). x 60 m ( x ft). Beton. ft STAR RNAV 25/07 from South and East. Standard Arrival Chart – Instrument (STAR) (EAST) RWY 07L/C/R, RWY 25L/C/R · GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to Radar.

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Return to Air traffic control. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] eddff 0 guests. Now, this is what ATCJomo uses: So back to my question: Am I right or do I have the wrong charts? Download-Links to all available Ger liveries: Climb on runway track to D4.

At EDDF they use transitions see transition to dddf approach chart. They are then marked with what runways they are for either 25 or 07then comes the “designator”, at EDDF you have N and S for the transitions, indicating North or South, so you will get something like this for example: Also, the charts on vacc-sag.


Discord WecsjeFlightSims United discord https: While G-SIDs go straight to the north. I also have an other question: ROXAP can not be found at all. Is my FG Map outdatet or Jomos map? Jomo’s map is highly outdated, do not worry if he tells you that you are not on the SID, he is almost always wrong.

FG’s navdata is heavily outdated, and therefore a lot of fixes may be in the wrong place, edddf And yes, Jomo is highly unrealistic, and his way of controlling only creates more confusion if you ask me, ie: I will not comment on most of these abstruse comments – just one thing: Even starting to discuss problems during the event while the ATC is handling several other pilots – will not help, because then the ATC has no time to evaluate all the needed facts!

Frankfurt International Airport

Of course there is a problem if Pilots and ATC’s are using different Stati of that maps – which are changing very often. If you want to always be on the latest level – that will cost you a lot — but does not help because not everybody wants to pay for it!


Happened to me already several times!! Sorry – that’s life!

So pls understand that it is much more promising to discuss problems in the EDDF-Triangle forum – if you really are stwr in getting things done! All I was asking for was the question, if my SID was wrong.

VACC-GER – Online Fliegen in Deutschland

And for once, Jomo, PLEASE actually read the evdf conversation before you start commenting on that it is a personal attack and idk what. Ger asked a question, and it was answered, and it had nothing to do with you.

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