Edward S. Herman. Srebrenica can best be understood in the context of the U.S. and. NATO war against Serbia and dismantlement of Yugoslavia.1 In this. Srebrenica and the rebuilding of Bosnia: the collective betrayal. 29 “ Izdaja koju sam video ja, razlikuje se od one koju su vidjeli oni koji su preživjeli masakr. Oni .. 94 See following publication: Herman, Edward. Srebrenica genocide remains a big trauma Herzegovina for the Bosnian masakra (Eng. massacre, Bos. masakr), etnická čistka (Eng. ethnic cleansing, Bos. . Edward Hermann, famous American journalist and analyst, wrote that up to

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Archived copy as title Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: That means they have to rely on translators who are probably being furnished by the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The body remained on the lap of the mother. After that, he heard gunshots for half an hour and then saw the armoured vehicle going in the opposite direction, but not the earthmoving srebgenici.

Retrieved 8 June Some Bosnian army soldiers, who were born in Srebrenica but lived and died in Sarajevo srsbrenici Tuzla, were identified as a victims of the Srebrenica “massacre”, so they were brought and berried with honors in Srebrenica after the war. Bosnian Muslim fighters and their families, however, were provided with food rations from existing storage facilities.

Bosnian genocide denial

In fact, those captured included many boys well below that age and elderly men above it. We’re talking about 2, Serb civilians killed before July But the link of this propaganda triumph to truth and justice is non-existent. Definitions Genocide law Prevention Effects on young survivors. The remarkable inflation of claims of Serb evil and violence and playing down of NATO clients’ violencewith fabricated “concentration camps, ” “rape camps,” and similar Nazi- and Auschwitz-like analogies, caused the onetime head of the U.

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Edward S. Herman: The Politics of the Srebrenica Massacre

Retrieved 21 April Archived from the original on 5 June In addition, the Srebrenica massacre was the core issue of the landmark court case Bosnian Genocide case at the International Court of Justice through which Bosnia and Herzegovina accused Serbia and Montenegro of genocide. Retrieved 26 April At least Muslim soldiers were killed prior to the “Srebrenica massacre”, in 3, 5 years fighting with the army of General Ratko Mladic.

One of the beauties of the Western propaganda system is that all the bodies they found after July,they count as executed, even though we know very well that a large number were killed in combat. Serb sources maintain that casualties and losses during the period prior to the creation of the safe area gave rise to Serb demands for revenge against the Bosniaks based in Srebrenica.

The vast majority of the victims of the massacre were members of the column who failed to complete the perilous journey. There have been a modest number of exceptions, mainly Muslim and Croat small fry, usually indicted at a time when the imbalance appeared exceptionally gross and some PR offset was needed. Bosna i Hercegovina From the book “Politics of Genocide” author dr. Retrieved 13 April In Srebrenica, the msaakr that had littered the streets since the departure of the people was collected and burnt, the town disinfected and deloused.

He then pretended to be dead and managed to escape the following morning.

Of the various body parts found, displayed gunshot wounds of a severity likely to prove fatal. They were later identified as four minors as young as 16 and two men in their early twenties. Furthermore, the fence was around the photographers, not the man photographed. Open Preview See a Problem? And the Western claim is that 8, men and boys were executed in the quote Srebrenica massacre, but notice these were men, always men, all men, they were all soldiers, whereas those 2, civilians killed included very large numbers of women and children.


And how many of these Western journalists speak Albanian or Serbo-Croatian? A decade of groundbreaking reforms inspired by Deng Xiaoping had brought the moribund economy to life and freed the nation from the ideological shackles imposed by radical Maoists during the cataclysmic Cultural Revolution.

Retrieved 15 March Herman is an American economist and media analyst with a specialty in corporate and regulatory issues as well as political economy and the media. One of the features of the “quote” Srebrenica massacre, that is the second one, is that 20, Srebrenica women and children were bussed to safety by the Serb army.

Evidence masaor date suggests that he was responsible for killing as many Serb civilians outside Srebrenica srebrneici the Bosnian Serb edwars was for massacring Bosnian Muslims inside the town. Log In Sign Up. Approximately 50 wounded captives were taken to the Bratunac hospital.

Srebrenica massacre

A famous German journalist Dr Udo Ulfkotte is speaking about Western media propaganda against Russia, orchestrated Edwarr media Russophobia, Western fals flags and fake news about Ukraine and other things related to global politics. The document states that during the Bosnian war in Srebrenica used to live about 37, people.

The Politics of Genocide. Interestingly, although the Serbs were regularly accused of trying to hide bodies, there has never been any suggestion that the Bosnian Muslims, long in charge of the body search, might shift bodies around and otherwise manipulate evidence, despite their substantial record of dissembling. But I was sort of between life and death. Within this structure, Dutchbat was expected to operate as an independent unit with its own logistic arrangements.

The afternoon of 13 July Archived from the original on 22 March As in Kravica, many traces of blood, hair and sebrenici tissue were found in the building, with cartridges and shells littered throughout the two storeys.