Model EJAA, EJAA and. EJAA this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to operate This manual should be passed on to the end user. User’s manual • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJAA User Manual. View and Download YOKOGAWA EJAA user manual online. EJA Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJAA Transmitter pdf manual.

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LRV and URV can be specified with range value specifications up to 5 digits excluding any decimal point within the range of — to Hazardous Location Nonhazardous Location Note 2.

Model eja130a – Yokogawa EJA110A User Manual

See General Specifications sheet. Differential pressure and pressure transmitters 52 pages. Is zero point NO adjusted correctly? Vent screw However, since draining condensate or bleeding off gas gives the pressure measurement disturbance, this should not be eja10a when the loop is in operation.

Set a numeric value for engineering unit for 4 mA output LRV. If it is not possible to make the piping selfventing, refer to Subsection 7.

Applicable for Output signal code D and E. Page 38 Revision Information Title: YES Refer to Section 9.


Wiring metal sealant to the threads for conduit For output signal checking, display the parameter A Installation instructions the ena110a type of protection when the The cable entry devices and blanking elements transmitter is installed. If not specified, OUT: Check input and range setting, and change them as needed.

If the problem is in the measurement system, isolate Transmitter section the problem and decide what corrective action to take. To prevent measurement errors due to these head differences, condensate pots are used when measuring steam flow. Doing so completes the LRV setting. If using square janual output, set damping time constant to 2 sec.

After checking the transmitter, repack it in the way it was delivered until installation.

Doing so completes the HRV setting. Test output is held for approximately 10 minutes, and then released automatically after Suppose that a standard pressure of 30 kPa is applied and the time has elapsed.

Powering communication error off within 30 seconds after a zero fja110a will return the adjustment back to the previous settings.

If the transmitter is turned off within 30 seconds after parameters have been set, the set data will not be stored and the terminal returns to previous settings. PARAM communi at 7-second intervals.


When combining with Optional code F1, output status for down-scale is —2.

User’s Manual Model EJA110A, EJA120A and EJA130A Differential

U-bolt nut Mounting bracket U-bolt 50 mm 2-inch pipe Horizontal pipe mounting 4. See Chapter 8 for BT operation. Help Center Find new research papers in: This manual also for: Manyal Is output adjusted correctly? Proceed a Ambient Temperature with caution when applying pressure.

Simply press the alphanumeric keys.

Yokogawa EJAA User Manual | Page 66 / 83 | Original mode | Also for: EJAA, EJAA

Using the external zero-adjustment screw Present output is Tighten the bolts evenly. Contact Yokogawa service personnel. Ground terminal Inside Tee Drain plug F To test for such effects, bring the transceiver in use slowly from a distance of several meters from the transmitter, and observe the measurement loop for noise effects. M20 female, two electrical connections without blind plug