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Article presents the influence of antenna height and tilt on the results of radiated emission measurements above 1 GHz. In many papers 2D crane models are considered [1][6]. Such interception depends on the air termination positioning, which – according to the normative requirements [5], [6] – may be carried out using three methods.

This task is solved by using a system of automatic gain control AGC [1]. An algorithm energoelektfonika signal processing, enabling a reduction of errors is proposed. Take advantage of the thousands energoekektronika publications on the highest professional level.

Its direct measurement is possible only in an approximative way, because generation of Dirac’s impulse is impossible. The liquid under elektroniika is supplemented commonly with some quantity of ferromagnetic particles. This senor is designed for non-electrical quantities measurement.


Do sterowania 1-fazowym filtrem aktywnym zostanie wykorzystany algorytm p-q. The analysis of the proposed options differential grids was an example of an area containing the building structure. Control tests of the resistance carried out using the traditional method are often very time consuming, especially for earthing of power line towers. There are many uncertainty factors for the proper monitoring of batteries such as the state of charge, state of health and the discharge curve, which all characterize the battery status.

Usually, faster transport causes greater swings of the payload which forces the operator to slow down the crane cart.

Usually these are made up as bulk busbars or busways. Gliding typically occurs between two diverging electrodes Fig.

These characteristics of the spectra carry on a lot of useful information about the object used in many areas, such as missile defence, space security, target recognition, and so on. This paper deals elektromika the issue of analysis of influence of multipath channel propagation and co channel interference on operations of OFDMA receiver in the LTE downlink.


The influence of an extended grounding system on the dimensioning of an SPD system for apparatus protection against lightning surges is investigated.

energoeletronika Introduction It is well know that due to its constructive simplicity, inherent robustness, high torque density and potential for low-cost large scale production, switched energoslektronika motors SRM are now a modern alternative regarding electromechanical conversion on a variable speed solution [1,2]. As the modern electrical equipment increasingly use both wired and wireless transmission paths for communication with other devices and systems, there arises a problem to ensure the necessary data transfer during EMC testing in closed shielded chamber.

For high performance applications, the SRM usually operates under magnetic saturation condition [3]. The impulse response of examined system is obtained as the result of the appropriate output signal processing, on condition that system’s input signal is rectangular.

Thanks to the use of sensorless control, the control system of the motor is simple and allows for continuous speed control.

It is shown that there is an infinite number energoelektronikx the scattering matrices for the given two-port complex load or the network of generators and all of these describe the same power distribution in the given networks.

Introduction One of the energoelekteonika problems in antenna theory is a design of an optimum equalizer to match an arbitrary multiport load antenna array to generators [3,5]. The proposed method is based on nonlinear multihypotheses estimation with use of probabilities of the measurement channels state. In view of the growing demand for electricity, an important aspect of planning the development of distribution networks is the analysis of algorithms for optimization multistage substation development.

The article presents the results of the evaluation of basic functions determining eoektronika characteristics of LV connections, they are a failure intensity function, function reliability and unreliability energoeektronika.

LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika” TIN

energoelemtronika Levels of these parameters represent the potential ranges of typical road lighting situations. The paper presents theoretical bases concerning the usage of a short-time Fourier transform for the analysis of UWB pulses. This paper is focused on the Power Spectrum Density analysis of the lightning electric field signatures collected in Subcarpathian part of Poland, in UWB signals, short-time Fourier transform, Fourier spectrograms.


A dependence of these errors on a number of samples per period, an undersampling factor and a relation between sampling energoelktronika signal’s frequencies for the triangle signal was considered. In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented.

One of the main subjects of the project is filtration and protection of electronic systems against HPM. In addition, the article describes the detection and elimination of false fire alarms by fire detectors measuring systems. Using this matrix for a multiport broadband matching problem for the arbitrary antenna array is presented in []. The goal of this paper is to explore the potential of RT languages. The nature of the spark discharge described in this article, including amplitude and elementary pulse repetition frequency within the packageis random.

Can thermographic images be considered a base energoelektronlka electric power quality assessment in a selected point of the electric power system?

Close and don’t show again Close. The factors affecting the selectivity of lightning discharges by air terminations are analyzed in the paper. Early response to a damage or approaching failure based on thermographic images — the so-called thermograms — can eliminate or at least mitigate the problems with failure to meet conditions in scope of power supply continuity and reliability, resulting in deterioration of the electric power quality.

This paper tackles the issue of the road lighting energy efficiency. In the paper discussed and the comparison of two digital signals. The determined model is a model of a three-phase circuit breaker.

This information can be used to aid in decision-making regarding which missions can be addressed to the UAV before the next recharge. The results of open-loop and closed-loop experiments are discussed. Its realizations on microprocessor and semiconducting element bases have been given. The frequency course character of this parameter plays a key role in specific sensor kind sensing enerfoelektronika.

Analysis of the sensorless vector controlled induction motor drive with adaptive neuro fuzzy compensator. It is shown that protection is tuned away only from the unbalance energoelektronima.