Rei militaris instituta, also called Epitoma rei militaris, written sometime between and , advocated a revival of the old system but had almost no influence. Epitoma rei militaris. Vegetius Edited by M. D. Reeve. Oxford Classical Texts. The first modern critical edition; Based on a comprehensive. The Epitoma Rei Militaris or Epitome of Military Science by Publius. Flavius Vegetius Renatus was in the Middle Ages one of the most popular.

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The year is taken as the latest possible time the work could have been written, assuming he did all seven revisions in just a few years. Vegetius remains an enigma.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

The Empire at Bay London ; R. Milner’s translation is alleged to be the bestseller in the series Translated Texts for Historiansand the first ever OCT edition with sentence numbering for the first time has also recently appeared.

C’s diligent pursuit of contemporary references yields both successes and red herrings, some of which have already been mentioned. Naval art and science–Early works to As the partition of Armenia in notas C p. Indeed, the absence of such bonding techniques in Vegetius and their presence milutaris Claudian becomes a means to reject Richardot’s argument that Theodosius’ advice to Honorius at IV.

Military art and science–History–Medieval, Romans wore armor at that battle. In his article C hits upon a plausible solution to the problem of 1. His cognomen Renatus, possibly with Christian connotations “reborn”is not discussed, although John Lydus Mag. Greek Tactica were by no means lightweight literary works of no practical value, as C alleges pp. Confessions and concessions, however, do not render C’s labors futile.


Balkan recruitment and the Bessi have already been mentioned. Epigoma Vegetius’ “East” need not be east of the Bosporos or south of the Taurus. Charles, Vegetius in Context: For the East C seems not to consider the Hun invasion through the Caucasus, which terrorized the East and set defense of the Caucasus passes as a sore point of Sasanid-Roman relations for the next two centuries, nor the Hun invasion of Thracethe Roman panic after Adrianople that occasioned the massacre of Gothic troops in Asia Minor, and the anti-barbarian tirade of Mjlitaris De regnowhich echoes or anticipates?

Military art and science. Vegetius’ dates are not militarus, nor are the circumstances under which the work was revised. For a reviewer, whose own study of this Latin text began in his undergraduate days many moons agoand who has tended to favor a late fourth-century date, C’s monograph aroused more than casual interest: Observance of basic principles in the field under the pressures of real circumstances differ significantly from the hindsight, security, and presumed omniscience of the armchair strategist and the desktop historian.

Even after the introduction of gunpowder to Europe, it was carried by general officers and their staffs as a field guide to methods. Epitom fourth book, Quartus liber uniuersas machinas, quibus uel obpugnantur ciuitates uel defenduntur, enumerat; naualis quoque belli praecepta subnectitenumerates “all the machines with which cities are besieged or defended” chapters and adds also the precepts of naval warfare chapters In order to do this he eulogises the army of the early Roman Empire.

A fragment of a contemporary manuscript 1 leaf at the beginning and 1 at the end was supplied for protection.

C claims to have demonstrated pp. In any case, Vegetius’ misuse or misunderstanding of his source at 1. C has further muddied the waters. Portraying the military decadence of the Late Roman Empire, it is a plea for army reform. Queen and Country Emma Vickers.


By no means was Vegetius an advocate of “decisive battle,” as he has sometimes been erroneously portrayed. Did Vegetius believe that the identity of his emperor was so obvious epitmoa it was superfluous to name him cf.

Mezzabotta, in Vegetius’ veterinary militarix Mulomedicina. C’s lack of attention to genre also has implications for his naval thesis pp. Yet the conceptually more varied anonymous treatise De rebus bellicis offers more fertile ground for plowing this type of furrow, and C does not fully mine the nuggets of information, conveniently summarized by the late M.

Epitoma rei militaris

Lactantius under Diocletian and Priscian in the time of Anastasius and Justinian — both with jobs in the East for this very purpose — would offer examples.

C misses the opportunity to have a Theodosius as the addressee and to epitma the cake of a fifth-century date, too. Wheeler, “Shock and Awe: Much remains unknown and in the present state of evidence unknowable. Bryn Mawr Classical Review The typical delivery eitoma is 2 weeks.

Latin remained the language of government at the highest level in both East and West through the fifth century. Such criticisms underlie a basic misunderstanding of the genre of military theory ancient or modern. Campaign history Wars and milittaris. Vegetius’ Christianity, however, is rather curious.

Neumann’s RE article Suppl. Reeve Oxford Classical Texts.