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Nur zu, mein Lieber! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Dazu bräuchte man links etwas mehr Fleisch. Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Leica Lens Saga. Limited Edition of pc! By Erwin Puts. evolution – optical design – evaaluation – future. Berek´s Legacy: the 50 mm lens for Leica.

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It has always been one of the biggest advantages of the Leica camera that the camera becomes an extension of the eye and that the camera hardly interferes with the mental flow of taking pictures. The name is https: Even the CEO of Leica see the recent interview with Lfica media is succumbing to the force putts the social media when he noted that future Leica cameras may have social media integration.

It is true that there is a strong partisanship for the style and approach of photography that is embodied in the Leica CRF models.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

Design, supply-chain management, after-care and putts now add much more value. Their point is the loss of morality of the economic science. Clearly the whole world is falling apart.

Make a real paper print of your best pictures and do not upload them to Facebook or whatever sharing site.

All in all, this is a very nice feature.

Now we have a bewildering range of products that offer comparable features and performances in widely differing packages. The functional argument is the focus on still photography. But this system made it impossible to refer to new versions and it was decided to add the internal product design number. He was also very careful about reporting defects or anomalous findings. Currently the Leica products S, M, X excel in simplicity, high performance, quality engineering and compact size the S system is still compact relative to the competition.

The main leoca of the imaging chain, precision of camera, accuracy of exposure meter, quality of film emulsion, performance of lens, had to be assessed individually. Nowadays it is the small photographically speaking Fujifilm Company that teaches Canon a lesson about the core values of photography. The MP is the original M6 with some elements of the M3. The final step, ISO, shows the limit, but also how effective the software does its job. Ask any serious portrait photographer if they use a motor lleica.


I can say without hesitation that erwkn digital files produced by the M8 are better than any DSLR on the market by quite a margin. Also, it turns out that for reasons I cannot quite explain, Leica M8 files fare much better than other top DSLRs when one interpolates to make bigger prints. All models described above are regular production items.

Leica Lens Saga – Erwin Puts [PUTLENS]

When an M3 falls on the floor, at worst the rangefinder may be broken, but that is all that can happen. Subjectively and intuitively the M10 is very fast and hardly audible, but not different from the MM2 that I used for comparison. The R-system with undoubtedly some of the best lenses ever manufactured was overrun by the combined technologies of autofocus and digital capture and processing.

Some persons have doubts about the future of mechanical film-loading cameras, because the number of films erin the market is leiva recently Fuji has reduced its range once again. The same argumentation is valid for digital photography. The main point however is not the fact that one can generate secondary leicca always possiblebut how the lens behaves under these extreme conditions.

Digital photographers will claim that chemical processes are environmentally hazardous which is true, but with care the impact can be minimized. In reflex cameras, the focus screen and the mirror location had to adjusted too for best sharpness. You need a versatile all-round camera: Without dedicated equipment, it is hardly possible to measure the real difference between the different models on the topics of noise and response time. As an example in lens assessment: The upshot is that all one can say is that some colour reproduction in print or on the monitor is individually more or less pleasing.

Leica Lens Saga – Erwin Puts

The silver version has a brown leatherette cover. His stance on issues of reliability and unreliability of the equipment was well-balanced. Globally more and more attention is being paid to environmental sustainability and an economy that will shift from growth to durability.


The focus peaking option when Live View is active is not the best method for fast responses when the objects are moving erratically and unpredictable. Today it is not different.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

I retired after 40 years – with relief. Posted August 19, The M8 is very much like a fine sports car. A re-arrangement of the electronic circuitry and printed circuit boards and a more extruded bayonet front ring by about 1. For one month I shelved all digital Leica cameras and used only the M7 and the M3, both loaded with Ilford Delta and the new Silvermax film. The insecurity that the future brings produces a sense of insecurity and foot-looseness that backfires to the Leica products.

The easy operation of the ISO value to the desired speed, the low camera noise and the fast response times support the photographer in capturing a crowded putw in dynamic and rapidly changing configurations. When he mentioned the new versions in his own blog, he also did not hint that there was a new optical design. Sensitivity is nice again, but what increased photographic opportunities do you get when pjts can expose a scene at ISO To understand its true significance a short review of the past developments is opportune.

The compacts are a different chapter, because they are coming from the Panasonic product lines.

Gossen may be characterized as the engineers tool with very precise DIN-based calibration and a range of sensible options. In his complaint Mr. On the other hand it may be argued that if you cannot get your picture within this time- and rrwin frame, a faster burst rate over a longer period of time will not be helpful. It is far too easy to blame the camera or the computer for the lack of quality of the picture.