Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by. Results 1 – 30 of 52 Face lifting by exercise by Runge, Senta Maria and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Senta Maria Runge’s book Face Lifting By Exercise is available online for free.

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A flaky and withered looking skin looks lifeless and unattractive in a woman’s and a man’s face alike. The degree of mentioned results depends on the individual tissue elasticity.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Once your mind has a definite feeling of the particular muscle-flesh in resistance, check once more that you have not maeia up anywhere.

Santa Maria Runge Face Lifting by Exercise Facial Exercises Natural Face Lift

The exercises contained in this book are powerful exercises and should be applied ONLY when a particular contour problem is apparent and not exercize a preventive measure. Fatty tissues can be removed success- fully through plastic surgery. The skin is merely a thin covering over the flesh that has to go along with the muscle formation edercise, alternately, will return to the size of the muscle flesh when shortened through isometric exercises.

This attraction, which has a magic power – especially toward the opposite sex – is termed charm. A small percentage of the pouch may also ezercise contributed by the lower cheek muscles. It is important that you do not look downward but straight ahead while you move the muscles out of the eyebrow and forehead.


An average adult’s skin, alone, has approximately ten million cells. The concentration however has to be on the movement over the chin bone.

I know face excercises work! Once you have conquered your second exercise, you may add Exercise No. Each exercise takes only about 20 to 30 seconds and has to be repeated 5 times in succession. The once high-fitting “youth-full-ness” shifts downward, leaving hollowness at the top and collecting where it is not wantedfullness at the bottom of the face.

If it does not quiver, check for tension and relax it. A man will perish of thirst long before he starves, a fact to which each individual cell contributes. Consequently, it stands to reason that a thin face receives more benefit from a lift than a fat face. As I am a professional entertainer even the tiniest facial lines are disturbing and could interfere with my career. In the early sixties, Senta Maria Runge opened the doors of her salon in Hollywood, through which walked the most famous personalities of the motion picture industry in search of their Fountain of Youth.

At birth, all skins are endowed with a reservoir of moisture that demands to be managed thriftily, in order to enjoy its beautifying qualities for a long time.

Full text of “Face Lifting By Exercise Senta Maria Runge”

On the throat, it is the horizontal lines that tell us the places of muscle location in the skin. Expressionless faces are tasteless – like food without salt, the beauty of your facial skin and form receives no benefit from this insipid management. By comparing pictures taken over the years, you can see how the contour of gace face has changed.


Anya, I’ll stop searching my own computer downloads. Make-up applied on a tight fface will appear smoother and lidting even, providing the foundation was tight. If this action is exaggerated by raising the eyebrows still higher, the expression becomes one of fright or ferocity.

However, please do not inquire about personal instructions. First, look into the mirror and practice the wrong way. Proper adjustments which bring about a harmonious relationship between the nose and the rest of the face, also imply a young appearance in most cases.

Wed Sep 15, 2: The mouth corners should give you the feeling that they are slightly turned up.

Senta Maria Runge

I’d love to have a copy of it, very much appreciate it. Breaking a habit requires conscious effort and will power. Those having aged, wrinkled, or creased skin, will find that this method of cleansing the skin permits you to reach into those folds that have been neglected and are greatly in need of lubrication and nourishment. In fact, with the passing of years, she exerciae actually mature in beauty and become even more lovely than in her younger years.

Any other muscle movement cannot mari considered an exercise, but only a waste of time. Shortened muscle tissues which is our aimprovide a lift and some firmness within the exercised area. Write a customer review.