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FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael It’s clear Michael Piller wanted this book read, so we felt that making it. An inside look at the writing process of Star Trek: Insurrection. From concept to final film script. Sandra Piller just posted on Facebook, “I am so excited to announce the publication of my late husband Michael Piller’s book Fade In: The.

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Jun 30, Location: In general, if he were stumped on a part of the script, or book he would express he was insurrsction, sometimes even makinb it was so close, but couldn’t quite get it — and basically he would sleep on it. Michael Piller’s work documents the various ideas that sprang up after the release of the critically-praised and commercially-successful First Contact.

Did he do it perfectly? Sometimes it has to fit page restrictions, or match someone else’s sensibilities, but if it is to go forward there have to be compromises. Jed-Gelt67Sep 13, That’s the advantage of digital publishing. I wonder if they went dtar a vanity press and got burned. Reader can follow the process of the movie-making from its inception to the premiere screening in Las Vegas in great detail. What does the hero lose if he loses?

To ask other readers questions about Fade Inplease sign up. We’ve had it all.

As for the movie? It is an insightful read, as it gives us not only a making-of story from the writer Pillerbut also an illuminating look at the process of the Holywood movie making from a person from the film industry. Oct 26, Brent rated it did not like it. It’s rare to find a book about a movie that did just middlin’ at the box office and isn’t one touted as a favorite by most people. The film, as you say, didn’t do as well as the other movies.


When Michael wrote the book, it was a true labor of Love. They connected on a personal level as well as professional.

Maybe his desperation for writers and good scripts during that third season of Next Gen gave him some insights on how to get more good ones. Wonderful read about the nuts and bolts of screenwriting in the Hollywood system, ot to mention crafting a story that would work both for hardcore fans and for newcomers alike.

However, it does not reflect any dissatisfaction that I had with the final product. Jan 31, Phillip rated it really liked it. Digital copies don’t cost much to keep in stock. These are the things that make us, as members of an audience, get emotionally involved. Aug 31, Location: Oct 12, Location: A number of unlikely suspects came out of the ether to help refocus the story. Piller present us not only with month to month movie development, but also with a personal story, and the emotional impact that all changes had on him up fxde the premiere.

Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection by Michael Piller

Contrary to how they think they were portrayed, the book and the narrative itself casts them in the right for wanting to clarify certain aspects and hype up the action aspects due to the perceived weak links in the story. AmalakJul 31, And yet it is probably one of better books that deals with movie creation process, and definitely the best written on making of Star Trek movie.


I’m having university flashbacks. There’s also a lot of self-reflection from Piller on his thoughts on the work and his disappointment when the box-office numbers didn’t play the way he wanted.

He thought writing a book of his experiences would be a good representation of what the process is that you go through. Michael Piller had to do just that. Charles rated it liked it Jan 31, Probably eventually, I would guess. The level that examines what’s going on inside the characters — their moral and ethical dilemmas, their doubts, fears, inner conflicts, how they change as the story progresses. I can’t thank Ira and Eric enough. If you’re interested in the process of screenwriting or b An interesting look at the creation of a movie from the perspective of the writer.

It was considered a minor success or a modest failure, depending on how one looks at it.

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection

Insurrection will take away from it? He left behind many things: Open Preview See a Problem? I hope the printed version has something new going for it to incite purchase.