If you fail the falconry exam, you may retake the test after a 2 week waiting period . This quest for knowledge has motivated many young apprentice falconers to. California Hawking Club Apprentice Study Guide [Frederick W. Rick Holderman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study guide for. Apprentice Study Guide by the California Hawking Club (edited by Frederick W. Holderman) Only $ Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to.

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The reason they allow this is some must take the test several times before passing. Before you decide to become a falconer you should falcomry a serious, dedicated interest in the sport and a love for, and interest in, all wildlife and the outdoors. Study then schedule your falconry test with the CPW. Once you’ve passed the exam, you will need to have all your facilities ready for inspection.

Colorado Hawking Club – Interested In Falconry

Pat Redig Raptor Biomedicine by Dr. Take the falconry exam at the regional office see sidebar. Most sponsors will recommend that an apprentice falconer begin with the Red-Tailed Hawk. Mavrogordato A Falcon for the Field by J.

Can I go onto private property to retrieve my bird?

The Modern Apprentice

Since your checks must accompany appreentice application, your checks could potentially be outstanding for a considerate amount of time. The books listed below are considered aapprentice be highly recommended at the apprenticeship and form a beginning library on Falconry: If I am asked by a school, church, or some group to talk about my bird and falconry, is this permissible? Yes, but only for actual expenses. Instead, I will try to break up the list into areas rather than one long list, although these books are not exclusive to the interest of the header they are identified with.

Most sponsors will look favorably on someone that has put the time into learning about falconry then completing this test. A falconer buide years ago was stopped and issued a citation for doing so. Read each book through at least once, and then study the most relevant areas heavily.


Articles are frequently inaccurate, they may sensationalize the sport flaconry little emphasis may be given to the fact that success is measured by the beauty and excitement of the chase, not whether or how much game is caught.

The federal law also sets the standards and requirements for keeping a raptor. Colorado Parks and Wildlife CPW Commission Regulations Chapters W regarding importation of raptors and waste of wildlife D2W small game hunting requirementsW migratory bird hunting requirementsand W all other regulations related to falconry.

See article on roadside trapping here. Have your sponsor inspect your facilities and equipment.

This opinion allows us the right to trap raptors along the public rights of way. The vendors are well known to have books, supplies and packages to help the potential apprentice: Give the GADNR Special Permits office a few days to receive your application, and if they have not contacted you, call and ask them to schedule your inspection.

Work with your sponsor on this. Many apprentices want to reinvent the wheel and often find out that the hawk pays the price for the experiment. If you have the necessary skills, stydy initial cost can be reduced by building the facilities for the bird and making some of the required equipment yourself.

Biology and Natural History by Paul A. Can I trap along roadways? As an apprentice, you will work with either a passage Red-Tailed Hawk or an American Kestrel during your apprenticeship period.

As soon as you have a state hunting license and a state falconry permit in hand, then you are ready to go trapping. Yes, but only if you educate the public about the sport of falconry. Your sponsor can assist you in test prep as well! The GFA manual ordering instructions are on the Publications page of this web site.

JT, founder of Falconry Alliancesums it all up with this statement: They document your rights and responsibilities, and you are required to know them.


It contains a variety of PDFs with all of the info you will need to get started on your license. After you have passed your test then read more and more contradictory opinions. Cooper, David Remple Avian Medicine: It is available from Western Sporting Publications. Some of these books may be found or ordered through any local bookstore, others can be found on Amazon or Ebay, and still others through used aggregators such as ABE Books.

Interested In Falconry

Please remember we are training a wild raptor to use its instincts to hunt with us. You may have read an article in a magazine or newspaper or even witnessed a flight demonstration. You must, by law have a mews houselarge enough so that your bird will have freedom of movement.

The DNR recommends if we can quickly retrieve it apprenticw so, but if not contact the landowner before entering the srudy. Yes, but only in conjunction with educating the public about falconry.

A word of caution: In addition, you must have the following equipment: Being a Georgia Falconry Association member is an important step in the process of proving to them that you are serious.

Jameson, Jr Discovering Falconry: To which is prefixed, from authors not generally known, an introduction, shewing the practice of faulconry in certain remote times and countries http: Getting Started Almost all apprentiice get involved as absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the art and sport of falconry. Separate from that is the New York study guide available from the state of New York.

They will assign you a permit number and return to Special Permits, who will then issue your license.