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Prepare and install one GE cargo parachute or three G cargo parachutes to the A cargo bag according to FM /TO 13C FM /TO 13C, 21 August , is changed as follows: 1. New or changed material is , c1. , c1. ARMY FM (FM ). AIR FORCE TO . This publication supersedes FM /TO 13C, 31 October FM /TO 13C

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Fm-Field Manuals Us-Army Index_百度文库

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: As proponent for development of all series airdrop rigging field manuals and the sling load manuals, it has been determined that the distribution restriction on these field manuals should be changed to read: Approved for public release, distribution unlimited. It is requested that unrestricted release of these field manuals be made via the Army Training Digital Library.

Enclosed you will find a numerical list and the number of changes of the manuals that have unlimited distribution. The point of contact for this action is Mr. Roger Hale, DSN The CINCs responses will be used to chart the direction and role for airdrop in the 21st century.

Based on the responses received enclosurethere is no strong support for LAPES airdrop capability at this time. Further, we will continue to maintain a range 10-050-3 airdrop capabilities to support all contingencies throughout the Army. Draft memorandum specifically states that the command support the need for a low level airdrop capability.

Memorandum does not specifically address any airdrop capability as it talks to the 21st century requiring the full spectrum of tactical delivery methods. E-Mail tm for VIII Army states that the command has no input to ihe assessment as theii plans call for a limited employment of airdrop. Sent request for input on 30 Sep Received verbal response on 16 Oct 96 stating command is indifferent on the specific capability received.

Army and other services recently have concurred that LAPES will be terminated, as this fk is no longer required as a viable wartime contingency airdrop option.

Airdrop Equipment Update Reference: Army Aviation Troop Command. Phone conversation between CW4 Mahon.

Hqrs Air Combat Command. Based on information received from the references a-c above, the following update is provided per request ref c, above. The type II modular platform no longer exists within any contingency stocks. Therefore, maintaining Joint Inspection training program is no longer required for this equipment.

The metric platform interim rigging procedures are no longer valid as they apply to metric platforms. Those rigging procedures which have dual application with the type V platform are still valid for the type V platform.

Only those loads that specifically require this system are authorized use of this system. These authorized loads are specific in nature and will normally be found in the special operations arena of airdrop loads.


Military Manuals Page 2

This system is not authorized for use IAW ref d, above. With this change, the C-5 aircraft may be used for low- velocity airdrop. Please make this change where it applies throughout the manual. Also with this change, the destruction notice shown below must be added to the cover of the basic manual. New or changed material is identified by a vertical bar dm the margin opposite the changed material. Remove and insert pages as indicated below. Remove pages Insert pages i through viii i through xii through through through Glossary- 1 References-1 Glossary- 1 References-1 3.

File this transmittal sheet in front of the publication for reference purposes. Distribution authorized to US government agencies only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. This determination was made on 30 April Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.

Rigging Potable Water Qty rqr block no. Description of Items The description of the unrigged items covered in this manual is given below: Twenty-four 1 -quart plastic canteens filled with 6 gallons of water weigh 54 pounds. One case of zip-top cans weighs 39 pounds.

One case of ounce cans dm The milk-dispensing container filled with 5 gallons of water weighs 42 pounds. It is 10 inches square and 17 inches high. Forty containers can be delivered in ffm A cargo bag, eight contain- ers can be delivered in one A cargo bag, and containers can be delivered in four A cargo bags. The gallon collapsible water drum is a durable, nonvented, cylindrically shaped, rubber container fitted with a faucet valve. Filled with 55 gallons of water, the drum weighs pounds.

FM Titles (Version 5.7, 6-21-01) Remarks A B

The 10-5000-3 drum filled with gallons of water weighs 2, pounds when rigged for low-velocity airdrop. When rigged for LAPE airdrop, the drum is filled with gallons of water and weighs 2, pounds. Each drum vm 60 inches long and 40 inches in diameter. Empty, the drum weighs pounds. A pumping assembly can be rigged with the load as an accompanying load. The gallon drum filled with gallons of water weighs 3, pounds. It is 62 inches long and 53 inches in diameter.

Components of the pumping 10-50-3 that have been used to deliver petroleum products must not be used to pump water for human use.

A copy of this manual must be available to the joint airdrop inspectors during the before- and after-loading inspections. Honeycomb is placed between the inner and outer containers. Preparing Inner 110-500-3 a. Expand the inch-long inner card- hoard container. Close one end by folding the end flaps. Seal the closed end with 3-inch tape. Make sure that the tape extends at least 6 inches down the aides nf the container. Position the inner container, and insert the four canteens as shown.


Insert the cardboard separator into the container until the first row of the separator is inside. Place four canteens in the second row of the separator, Insert the separator until the canteens in the second row are inside 10–500-3 container. Repeat 3 until rows 3, 4, 5, and 6 are filled. Position the 110-500-3 container with the open end up.

Make sure that the tape extends at least G inches down the sides of the container. Canteens packed in the inner container. Preparing and Packing Outer Con twiner Prepare and pack the outer container as shown in figures and FigureInner container reinforced.

Close one end by folding the end flap. Make sure that the tape extends at feast 6 inches down both sides of the container Slide the honeycomb- protected inner container into the outer container.

Seal the container with 3-inch tape.

FigureTwenty- four 1 quart plastic canteens packed. Water, drinking, twenty-four 1-quart plastic canteens Weight; fifi pounds Cube: Equipment Required Equipment 10-5500-3 to rig twenty-four 1 -quart plastic canteens for free drop is lifted in table 2- L Table Honeycomb ia placed between the case anri outer container.

Seal the dosed end with 3- inch tape, CZJ Make sure that the tape extends at least 6 inches down the sides of the container. Preparing the outer container. Seal the end of the container with 3-inch tape. Stencil the following information on the container: Water, drinking, 3 gallons, twenty-four ounce zip-top cans Weight: Equipment Required Equipment required to rig ounce zip-top cans for free drop is listed in table Description of Load One case of fifty ounce cans of water is rigged in a cardboard container.

Honeycomb is placed between the case and outer con- tainer. Reinforcing Packing Case Reinforce the packing case with 1-inch filament-reinforced tape applied as shown in figure Positioning Honeycomb Position two by inch, two by inch, and two by inch pieces of honeycomb as shown in figure Close dog end of the container by folding the flops closed.

Seal the dosed end with 3- inch tape, Make sure that the tape extends at least 6 inches down the sides of the container. Slide the packing case, protected bv honeycomb, into the outer con- tainer, and fold the end flaps down. Seal the outer container with 3-inch tape. Stencil the following information on the outer 10–500-3 tainer: Emergency drinking water, fifty ouncecans Weight: Equipment Required Equipment required 10-5003- rig fifty ounce cans for free drop is listed in table Description of Load The 6-gailon milk-dispensing container is used as an expandable container for potable water.

It is made up of a fiber board box and a plastic bag insert.