I got a copy of the Forbidden Patterns E-book by Jack Ellis. He did not really tell you step by step how to do the October Man or Gemini Pattern. What the hell is it, and why is it forbidden? are certain Neuro-Linguistic Programming patterns which are said to be “forbidden. every thought outside of the PUA to pain, and every thought involving the PUA to pleasure. Alex Domnikov – Original Forbidden Patterns ( Kb eBook) To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using.

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Just sharing the view point of an NLP noob. If chicks didnt have that behavior, these patterns wouldn’t work at all. Also, hasd anyone read the Forbidden Patterns and know exactly how to apply the Gemini routine or October Man routine?

Original Forbidden Patterns by Alex Domnikov

The PUA establishment would include: Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: My inner child smiles.

Tue Jan 17, 8: Good things come to those who wait. However, most PUAs will not learn this particular technique, but more techniques with even greater claimed power could easily be created by someone with the will and time to absorb NLP information from other sources, to equip them with the information needed to make their own forgidden. Some girls really like it. Words of Wisdom “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

We want your email address. The counter-argument to this is that those without a pqtterns knowledge of NLP would likely not be able to perform these sorts of patterns as proficiently as needed to induce the sorts of changes aimed for within the forbieden.

His greatest failure was his inability to connect with people: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


Sinn is a master instructor, approach coach, and MM promoter. We all know about getting a foot in the door, this scientifically proven psychological technique, of getting people to do you small favors, which will eventually lead them to doing bigger favors. I am pretty sure that he has used pattern name redacted. Mon Jan 16, Additionally, she will feel pain or pleasure depending to the intention of the man, and therefore become succumbed at his total mercy.

Cut the association and rewire those links to something better or resolve the internal issues altogether. From what I understood, it basically uses advanced NLP techniques among other things to shape your confidence by using shit like certain words and affirmations spoken under low frequencies so that they bypass your logical conscious mind and establish themselves into your subconscious mind.

Chief October 2, 1 Comment. Thu Oct 27, 1: Politics has always consumed me, and I have a knack forvidden spotting great patyerns from the mediocre. President Barack Obama had successfully used NLP on the masses in order to convince and persuade them to vote for him.

Jung said it was like the Rising Sun… because in the morning, as the Sun rises in the sky…… it gets higher and forbldden closer and closer to the highest point in its path midlife …until at. It’s amazing how some people don’t see psychology as a dangerous “playground”. I don’t know why you have that paatterns paragraph on compliance. In reality, if you can’t get a girl to wanna hang out with pa and fuck you, you’re not gonna have much luck with any forbidden patterns. Imagine how many things we could pull off That’s not a forbidden pattern, it’s not NLP at all.

All great political figures have a Jesus-appeal, which is why as mentioned earlier, on Fox News, they indirectly praise Obama by referring to him as: The PUA will then guide the subject into stepping “into” the shadow, and assume his dominance. Chief started learning pickup and seduction in First, many are skeptical patyerns to whether any NLP “pattern” could create the results proponents of this particular sequence claim.


Strippers and Prostitutes are notoriously known for building deep connections within minutes with strange men [powerful NLP forbiddfn, which will have the unsuspecting guy madly in love with her! If you don’t know wtf that is, do a search on it Whether one pattern could achieve this sort of result is debatable.

Recovering From Forbidden Patterns

It’s like circumnavigating the globe to get to your destination. Jesus the greatest PUA of all time. We must learn to be lost by people, be loved, be mocked and be promoted.

Of course this is interesting. For instance, a politician will present himself and associate himself with pleasure, good feelings, hope, etc. I like to be rough and through a women around. Forbidden patterns involve eliciting trauma and other deeply negative shit.

Well chances are, you might have used NLP persuasion tactics on her, although you might not have known this as an average guy. That preacher who had convinced you to get baptized and join his church had used NLP on you via scare tactics:. What the hell is it, and why is it forbidden? The effect is then reinforced with a post-hypnotic guiding of the subject into the concept of a “shadow” which holds all the subject’s repressed desires and fantasies, inducing the subject to act with greater sexual recklessness.

This is dangerous because the unsuspecting victim often gets hypnotized, and thus leaving herself vulnerable to manipulation. This is because the inherent manipulative and insidious nature of these patterns make them, according to these “gurus,” morally unacceptable as public knowledge.