Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test, drying time test, physical Depkes RI, , Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia. Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, Padang-Indonesia ; Formularium Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test (Mustika. Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia. 2 Kelompok Indonesia. Karamunting .. [6] Depkes, Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia.

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Click here to sign up. ICV – 4. Acidity test showed ranged from 5.

One of the most common. Warm-up Zone Do you think the bodies of the following animals are composed of similar chemical constituents?

International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics Vol. Registration Forgot your password?

Febriyenti1*, Fifi Harmely2 and Pipit Novita sari2 – ppt download

This result did not show any significant differences. Conclusion Based on the result, concluded that both citronella gel formulation have the potential to be an effective repellent. The nature of dengue increased risk of transmission in more densely populated residential areas. Recognize reasons for testing foods for fat and oil. J Clin Exp Dermatol Res ;3 2: Eka D, Hutagaol L. Fakultas Farmasi, Kpsmetika, Denpasar Bali: R,skin irritation test Wasitaamadja, ; Formularium Kosmetik Indonesia,elongation test, drying time test, physical stability test against cooling Voigt, and the panelist preference test.


Individual protection and 6. Acidity of the gel made slightly acidic, but still within the range that can be tolerated by the skin, which is 4.

EJ Chem ;5 1: Gel form preparations is more widely used because of the cold feel on the skin, dries easily, form a continuous film that is easy to wash, and easy to use 9. As a solution to this problem, repellent that is made from natural ingredients is used.

Honey and Honey peel-off masks Table 3. To determine effect of duration of the gel repellent properties, the test conducted until sixth hour Gel made form a thick white gel with strong odor. The mosquito species have anthropofilik nature, preferring human blood than animal blood.

Mixture 1 was added to the mixture 2 and then stirred quickly. Instrument was calibrated with standard buffer solutions pH 4 and pH 7. Hertiani, Palupi, Sanliferianti, dan Nurwindasari.

Jantan I, Zaki ZM. Gel is a semi-solid system consisting of small inorganic particles suspense or large organic molecules penetrated by a fluid 8. Spray perfume at the indohesia of the room and then move to the front of the room.


Fill a cup with water.

Insect repellent active ingredients are essential oils wich is citronella oil and fixative materials used was patchouli oil, both obtained through distillation from Kebun Percobaan Manoko Lembang. Penuntun Ilmu Kosmetik Medik. Official Monoghraphs for Part II.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Lourith N, Kanlayavattanakul M.

Febriyenti1*, Fifi Harmely2 and Pipit Novita sari2

Shaving soap are originally prepared in bar or cake form. Table 1 Protection Power within 6 hour against Ae. They have a distinctively appealing sweet smell and delicious taste that cannot be matched to commercially prepared sandwich breads.