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How to Disappear has ratings and 73 reviews. Frank M. Ahearn geeft in dit boek praktische tips hoe veilig(er) om te gaan met persoonlijke gegevens;. How to Disappear is the authoritative and comprehensive guide for people who Frank M. Ahearn built his first career by finding people who didn’t want to be. My name is Frank M. Ahearn, and I am a privacy expert who disappears people, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And.

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The only problem that you have is, how do you earn a living? So my process is, whoever is hunting my client is better than me. That clearly shows this guy has no idea how social media m.ahearh works IMO. I still appreciate Holmes for introducing me to deductive logic, but I’ve lost interest in the world of cloak-and-dagger.

The author might have been a prodigy in the mid 90s but would suck at hiding your identity today – hence I guess he writes books now. Less a concrete how-to guide than a set of issues to think about for anyone who does want to pull the vanishing trick. Open Preview See a Problem? Learn more at Author Central.

I don’t take my car; I’ll take a taxi or train or bus.

You can’t be Joe the bus driver in Miami and be Joe the bus driver in Chicago. The ideas are rather generic, not going into too much specifics about disappearr “hows” but focusing more on the “whats” instead. The author does a great job getting you to understand just how easy it is to find out information on people including you and within the first few chapters you’ll be able to find more info online about yourself than you probably want out there.

Just Google some nice articles about people getting caught while trying to disappear and you fran, have much more fun and much more information at the end of the day.


It’s a bit repetitive in places, and a few of the examples of how to disappear could have used clarification, but it was a useful book. Read more of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin Of course, by admitting on Goodreads that I read this book, I’ve ensured I’ll never be able to take advantage of some of its lessons.

You’re buying groceries every week in Casper, Wyoming.

This book left me feeling like I want to put false home addresses on my PTA forms, migrate to prepaid frannk cards, and change the name and phone number on all my grocery store loyalty cards. Nowadays I’m more interested in science, and the prospects of a Futurtopia.

There is a major let-down for me however in the way several of the stories feel made- I really wanted to like tk book – and in a way, it is a very interesting read, full of scary examples of what information is out there on you, more or less freely available for anyone with the balls to take it.

Frank M. Ahearn – Wikipedia

The goal is a combination of misinformation and disinformation. Nevertheless Ahearn tries to sound like a social media guru: Jul 09, Ellen rated it it was ok. I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought framk really “disappearing” you’re better off taking a couple breaths and asking a djsappear questions and you probably should go to the police or FBI Dec 06, Rogue Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: High to Low Avg.

When it comes to finding people, it’s no science, it’s not art — a lot of times, it’s just luck, OK?

Somebody pulls your bank records, guess what? Do not continue communications with a person who claims they are in the military, on an oil rig or in some far off place and refuse to video. Aug 20, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: We have two types of information in our life: Here’s how that’s done. Amazon Drive Cloud storage hoow Amazon. Enter Frank Ahearn, who combs the driver’s Facebook contacts to discover a long-lost high-school girlfriend, impersonates her, and in what appears to be weeks of back-and-forth emails between them manages to make the poor driver reveal his “secret” bus-driver job drank schedule.


AhearnEileen C. Unless you’re a criminal on the run, you don’t need a new identity. ATM card data played a critical role in locating the Boston Marathon bombing suspects within hours. In the event of an emergency using this book as a resource and practicing the methods will prove useful. I secretly dreamed of growing up to be a detective.

I’ve always said this business is a limited run, and it ot is. Those were the last great days of skip-tracing and social engineering when we could get almost any piece of information.

How to Disappear

Three most recent Spotlight: My 2 star review is perhaps a little unfair, as I think if I was really trying to disappear it would have been extremely useful. Interesting read but seems a bit outdated. Technology has given us frsnk ability to not be physically connected to anything. How long does it typically take to make someone disappear? Monica Lewinski and [her mother] Marcia Lewis.

Q&A with author Frank Ahearn on the art of disappearing –

Refresh and try again. It’s an interesting and informative read but M.aheafn think it’s hampered somewhat by the authorial voice, which often veers into what sounds like textbook noir-detective-speak.

How side hustles can pare debt — Millennials struggling with student debt can take on extra work to get out of the red, tl turned author David Carlson says. Feb 19, Dbh rated it it was ok. Available for download now. Ditch those easily traced credit and debit cards.