View and Download FujiFilm FINEPIX S series owner’s manual online. FINEPIX S series Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Finepix. View and Download FujiFilm FinePix S service manual online. US/EF/E1/ EG/EE/CH-model. FinePix S Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: . Fujifilm FinePix S / S is a 12 MP bridge camera equipped with a powerful Fujinon 18x (28mmmm) wide-angle optical zoom lens.

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Be sure that you have read and understood its contents before using the camera. All the safety and op Alternate Warnings: This video prod Water and Moisture: Do not use this erating instructions should be read uct is equipped e1800 a three wire video product near water for ex Outdoor Antenna Grounding: Benzstrasse 2 Kleve, Germany declare that the product Product Name: About This Manual Before using the camera, read this manual and the warnings on pages ii-vii.

For information on specific topics, consult the sources below. Know what you want to do but don’t know the The “Table of Contents” gives an overview of the name for it?

Date and time Carl I set the clock to local time when I mnaual Time difference How do I keep the display from turning off automatically? Auto power off How do I make tile display brighter or darker? Memory capacity Isthere a quick and easy way to take snapshots? How can l make good portraits? Intelligent FaceDetection Carl the camera automatically adjust settings for different scenes?

Single-frame playback How do Idelete the current picture? Deleting pictures Carl Izoom in on pictures during playback? Playbackzoom How do Iview a lot of pictures at once? Multi-frame playback How do Iview all pictures taken on the same day? Table of Contents For Your Safety Menus More on Playback Playback Options Introduction S180 and Conventions The following symbols are used in this manual: This information should be read before use to ensure correct operation.

Points to note when using the camera. Additional information that may be helpful when using the camera. Menus and other text in the camera monitor are shown in bold. The indicators displayed vary with camera settings. Shutter speed and aperture A simple “point-and-shoot” mode recommended for first-time users of digital cameras pg. A set of four alkaline bat- teries 1s800 supplied with the camera. Insert the batteries in the camera as described below. Open the battery-chamber cover. A complete list of approved memory cards is available at http: Operation is not guaranteed with other cards.

The lenswill extend automatically. Basic Setup Fujo language-selection dialog is displayed the first time the camera is turned on. Set fkji the camera as described below for information on resetting the clock or changing languages, see page Pressthe shutter button halfway to focus on In situations in which camera sounds or lights may the main subject in the manuxl frame. The IndicatorLamp Smoothly press the shutter button the fiji of the way down to take the picture.


TheShutter Button Tile indicator lamp shows camera status as follows: Tile shutter button has two positions.

Fujifilm FinePix S1800 / S1880 Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

Pressing the Indicator l amp Camera status Viewing Pictures Pictures can be viewed in the monitor. When taking important photographs, take a test shot and check the results.

Tile following dialog will be displayed. Choose for group portraits in horizontal or vertical orientations to prevent the camera from focusing on the back Intelligent Face Detection Press the shutter button halfway Intelligent Face Detection is to set focus and exposure for the recommended when using subject in the green border.

Focus Lock To compose photographs with off-center subjects: Focus, Press the shutter button halfway to set fo- cus and exposure. Focus and exposure will Shoot. Fo s to k Although the camera boasts a high-precision autofo-If tile subject is poorly lit, tile AF-assistilluminator will cus system, it may be unable to focus on the subjects manula to assist e1800 focus operation when the shutter listed below. Use the zoom control to compose pictures. Using the Flash Intelligent Flash When the flash is used, the camera’s Manusl Flash system instantly analyzes the scene based on such factors asthe brightness of the subject, its position in the frame, and its distance from the camera.

Flash output and sensitivity are adjusted to ensure that the main subject is correctly exposed nanual preserving the effects of ambient background lighting, even in dimly-lit indoor scenes. Press the shutter button halfway to focus. If the flash will fire, [] will be displayed when the shutter button is pressed halfway. Continuous Mabual Burst Mode Capture motion in a series of pictures. Choose a continuous shooting mode. Mode Description Tile camera takes up to 20 pictures while tile shutter Pressthe shutter button halfway to focus.

Pictures will be taken while the shutter button is pressed.

Shooting ends when the shutter button is released, memory is full, or the selected number of shots has been taken. Instant Zoom In instant zoom, the area surrounding the frame is visible in the display. Use to frame erratically moving subjects such as children, pets, and athletes at sporting events. The frame is displayed 1 Position the subject in the focus frame. Use the zoom control to frame the subject in as shown at right. Frame the subject in the center of the display using digital zoom.

Exposure Compensation Use exposure compensation when photographing very bright, very dark, or high-contrast subjects.

Return to shooting mode. The exposure indicator will be displayed. Press the [] button to return to shooting mode. Shooting Mode Choose a shooting mode according to the scene or type of subject.

To choose a shooting mode, rotate the mode dial to the desired setting pg. The following modes are available: The flash turns offand sensitivity is raised to reduce blur.


Sensitivity is automatically raised to re- brightness of scenesdominated by shining white duce blur caused by camera shake. Use of a tripod is recommended to assistin composing overlapping shots.

Download Fujifilm FinePix S S PDF User Manual Guide

If desired, you can choose different combi- Presstile [] button to choose tile desired combina- nations of shutter speed and aperture that will tion of shutter speed and aperture. Values that differ produce the same exposure program shift. If the correct exposure can not be achieved manula the selected shutter speed, ap- 1 Rotate the mode dial to S.

If the fuhi exposure can not be achieved at the selected aperture, shutter 1 Rotate the mode dial toA. If desired, exposure can be altered from ing mode. These settings are recalled whenever the mode dial is rotated to C cus- tom mode. Playback Options To view manuual most recent picture in the monitor, Choosing aDisplay Format press duji [] button. Pressthe selector right to view pictures in the order recorded, left to view pic- tures in reverse order.

When Pictures taken with Intelligent the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used Face Detection pg. Brightness is shown by the horizontal axis,the number of pixels by the vertical axis. Pixels distributed in an even curve Deleting Pictures The ERASE option in the playback menu can be used to delete still pictures and movies, increasing the amount of space available on the memory card or in internal memory for information on deleting pictures in single-frame playback, see page Note that deleted pictures can notbe recovered.

Copy important pictures to a computer or other storage device before proceeding. Recording Movies Shoot short movies at 30 frames per second. Sound is recorded via the built-in microphone; do not cover the microphone during recording. Tip There is no need to keep the shutter button ressed If tile subject is poorly lit, blurring caused by camera during recording.

Viewing Pictures manuzl TV Connect fui camera to a TV and tune the television to the video channel to show pictures to a group. Turn the camera off before connect- ing the cable. Visit the following website for more information: Printing Pictures via USB If the printer supports PictBridge, the camera can be connected directly to the printer and pictures can be printed without first being copied to a computer.

Note that depending the printer, not all the functions described below may be supported. Pf’ n nq Duji