Product Description. Gendun Choephel is a legendary figure in Tibet. Believed to be the reincarnation of a famous Buddhist lama, this promising young monk. Visionary, artist, poet, iconoclast, philosopher, adventurer, master of the arts of love, tantric yogin, Buddhist saint. These are some of the terms that describe. A new translation of The Passion Book brings to light author Gendun Chopel’s belief that even sexual pleasure could be a path to enlightenment.

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It focuses on various stages in the civilizations that flourished in the regions between the basins of the two great rivers the Volga in Russia and the Ganga in India. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Anthology of Tibetan Poets

Shortly after the occupation of Lhasa by the Chinese army, Gendun Choephel diedin the middle of October, Buddhism Buddhism in the West Buddhist modernism. He learned photography as well. His Russian wife and son were not allowed to accompany Rahul to India.

He stayed in Russia for more than ten years, until His basic education was in Urdu and Sanskrit at the village school. He was accused of using history as a vehicle to carry his Marxist ideologies. Gendun Choephel is a legendary figure in Tibet. Sankrityayana accompanied by Ananda Kausalayana, a Buddhist monk vendun scholar, left for Europe and England during the year One of the reasons for his expulsion from the communist party was perhaps his strong emotional choephdl to Hindi. He entered Tibet through Kashmir.


Sankrityayana wasof course, mystified and bitterly upset about the decision handed down.

Gendun Choephel | sreenivasarao’s blogs

The remarkable thing about the book is the way it presents history as a series of stories of imaginary characters. He again left Varanasi on a long pilgrimage of South India. After returning to Tibet inchoepgel was arrested on counterfeiting changes, and sentenced to three years in prison. See all 7 reviews. Sankrityayana, therefore, took a circuitous and a very hazardous route to Tibet, which was hardly traveled.

He learnt Pali and Sinhalese languages; and studied the Buddhist texts — the Tipitakas — in the original. Despite such bonhomie, the communist party found it hard to tolerate his radical views and behavior. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. That was very fascinating.

Gendün Chöphel

He also collected and wrote about the ecstatic songs Doha in Apabramsha dialect spoken by the eccentric Siddha saints of Bihar and Bengal.

While in England, the celebrated Indologist Theodor Stcherbatsky was greatly impressed by the scholarship of Sankrityayana ; andinvited him to Russia. choelhel

In honour of him, Patna MuseumPatnahas a special section, where a number of rare manuscripts, paintings and other items collected by him are displayed. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.


Privacy policy About Rigpa Wiki Disclaimers. As a monk he was reputed to be unsurpassed in debate, yet one wonders how someone so well-versed in the teachings of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni and those followed could chorphel ignore those teachings especially those on renunciation of worldly pleasures.

A compelling story, beautifully told. He settled down in Patna for a while, researching into the Sanskrit and Tibetan manuscripts he brought back from Tibet. They got married; and had a son, Igor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Accept only what you learn with your own mind and agree with that.

Enraptured and eager to experience it all, Choephel shrugged off his monastic habits and began an inner exploration of sensual pleasure through tobacco, alcohol and women.

Disillusioned with a culture that worshiped tradition and feared innovation, Choephel left gednun stifling regimen of monastic life in in the company of Rahul Sankrityayan, an Indian scholar of Buddhism and communist activist for Indian independence. I did, of course, send him a few letters. He was accused of insurrection and thrown in jail for three years.