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Fill Selection Outline 3. Introduction to a Color Managed Workflow Creating and Using Selections 2. How to Contribute 1.

De geschiedenis van GIMP 1. Rotate An Image 4. Tip of the Day Your First Script-Fu Script 3. Image-content Related Dialogs 3.

Send by Email 2. Moving a Selection 2. Preparing your Images for the Web 2. The Procedure Browser Lists, Lists And More Lists 3.


The gimp-help-2 folder nederkands. Whirl and Pinch 4. Voorwoord Report an error in Bugzilla. Show Layer Mask 7. GIMP de eerste keer instellen 2. Difference of Gaussians 7. Argumenten op de opdrachtregel 2.


Snap to Canvas 5. Alpha to Selection 7. Layer to Top 7.

The Color Filters 8. Creating and Using Selections 2. Image Structure Related Dialogs 2. Installing your sandbox nederlznds. Paden en selecties 5. Fit Canvas to Layers 6. Open as Layers… 2. Drawing Simple Objects Alpha to Logo Filters Layers and masks 2. Erase Every Other Row 4. Subtract Layer Mask from Selection 7.

GIMP – Documentation

Paden en tekst 5. Creating a Basic Shape 8.

Alpha to Selection 7. Select Next Layer 7.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Working with Digital Camera Photos 1. De grote stap voorwaarts 4. Fire up the GIMP 1. Free Selection Lasso 2. Getting Acquainted With Scheme 3. Subtract from Selection 7.

Een selectie voor een deel transparant maken 2.