When offered a chance to write an anonymous column for the school paper chronicling Dunfield High’s efforts in Chicago’s citywide literacy. Girl V. Boy by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout – book cover, description, publication history. All’s not fair in love, war, and high school journalism Sixteen-year-old Luisa Perez is not looking to win any awards for school spirit. In fact, she.

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My enjoyment in this book decreased because of the columns. While giro of this might sound like the setup for a fluffy teen comedy, Collins’s characters are incredibly multi-dimensional and hard to simply dismiss. This book features three friends and the happenings at high school.

I can’t imagine wanting to date five different guys at once. Not to sit down and read the book which is what I didbut to go and do something like watch a movie. I also could semi connect to the characters. Louisa is a teenage girl who actually seems like a normal teenage girl. Lu is snagged to write an anonymous column about the fundraising effort, exchanging words with a male counterpart. This is exactly the kind of light-hearted, fun read that just makes you feel good about your day, about people, and about being alive.

She has the same name as over 5 other girls at her school. I firmly believe that you should attend at least one major sporting event for your high school each season even if you don’t like sports.

Furthermore, what’s with the heavy gender stereotyping?

GIRL V. BOY by Yvonne Collins , Sandy Rideout | Kirkus Reviews

The school is participating in a girls vs. The anonymous articles wrote for the school paper made me laugh while reading them. This is Well, this book. At a first collins he seems like just another undetermined guy who hangs out with her sort of brother in law.


Sep 04, Kelsey Keating rated it liked it. Jul 24, Amethyst rated it really liked it. And sucky cover, BTW. I’ve read very ambivalent reviews about it, but I thought it was very well written, interesting and realistic.

Jen March 28, at 5: It’s fun to watch her discover her talent for writing, and to watch as she develops a particular voice in her column. In conclusion, I think this book was a great read and I for sure enjoyed reading it.

In Luisa’s defense, she does have a job that keeps her very busy. She talks to any male and she just leads into a “relationship” with them. This book is about a highschooler named Luisa Perez. Although for me on the other hand, this isn’t my normal go to and I was disappointed with the amount of cliches at the beginning of the novel. Trivia About Girl v.

The student body throws itself into the competition, showing the school spirit nobody knew they had. Luisa Perez aandy herself in the position of simultaneously being the Great Hope of her family to her overworked mom, rjdeout the unwelcome reminder to her older sister of everything unattainable for Grace as a dropout and a single mother.

When the local schools enter into a competition for literacy, Dunfield High’s principal proposes a competition: But, unlike her high-school dropout sister, Luisa does want to go to college-it may be her only ticket out of a life spent working at the cowboy-themed diner where she waitresses rideokt time-and it would be nice to something on her applications. The articles between Newshound and Scoop keep the story entertaining and gives the reader an inside glimpse of what boys and girls are really thinking.


The ending was predictable, yes, but the beginning and middle were not as predictable, thus sparing me from reading something painfully boring. Her sister was known as a dropout. Mar 22, Sherilyn M.

Girl v. Boy

I absolutely adored the take on this “Battle of the Sexes,” story. One of the best parts of the book is trying to guess who the male columnist is. Thao March 28, at Luisa wasn [image error] Due to copy and paste, formatting yvohne been lost. I can believe it. Just to have a good time. I laughed so many times reading this book and the whole time, I just had this incredibly happy, feel good vibe going on, and I know that I was grinning like a fool for a long time after reading t Originally rideiut on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing along with two others.

BOY was a pleasant, if predictable, read. Yvonbe and her friends never ever do anything ” extracurricular” so she is surprised when her teacher wants her to be an an anonymous writer for the school newspaper.