ArcheryGB / GNAS · Weather Beckenham The main reference on the calculation of the handicap tables is: “The Construction of the Graduated Handicap Tables for Target Archery”, David Lane, Sep Earlier papers, written before. This archery handicap calculator allows you to obtain the handicaps of different scores for a given category, round, and bowstyle, for the UK handicap system. 11/14/06 mackrick. Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of an elctronic copy of the GNAS Handicap tables? Sign in to reply. 11/14/06 Austin Shackles.

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Handicaps are useful for tracking progress when shooting different rounds each week. As the season continues, the archer improves his scores and thus his established handicao If an archer shoots 3 outdoor rounds with handicaps of 64, 70 and 69 then the initial handicap is 68 being the average of those three handicaps. Archery GB produces tables detailing exactly what scores you need in each round to hit a certain classification.

Ggnas can be used to enable archers of all standards to compete equally against each other. So in theory everyone should end up onunless they shoot better or worse than their handicap. I did not know they were copyrighted. For a Portsmouth the gain is at most 3 points, but you might lose much more by having arrows that are hard to tune and shoot.

Archery Handicap Tables

This time I’m going to get it right The allowance is the archers handicap score for the round subtracted from I will have to wait till my little green book arrives. If you come across any errors, missing rounds, or think something isn’t quite right, please send an email and we’ll get it sorted out as soon as possible! Handicaps for indoor and outdoor rounds, and handicaps for each bowstyle are kept separate. It helps archers to monitor their progress Enables scores to be compared between different rounds.


Biggest gain is on the smallest targets, for WA 18 metre you gain up to 5 points over using your thin outdoor arrows 5 to 6mm.

Want to support this site but don’t want to use archr for score-keeping? To calculate a handicap and classification, simply choose the desired category, bowstyle, and round, and then start to type a score!

The average must be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Last edited by Tom; at To first obtain a handicap, an archer must shoot three rounds which are recognised for handicap purposes during a season. To achieve a handicap an archer must shoot at least three rounds.

Handicaps and scoring

The winner is the archer with the most points after the gnsa has been taken into account. If the archer has shot at least three rounds in the previous season then the new handicap is the average of the best three rounds in gnaz previous season, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

The category and age group you compete in do not have an effect on what the handicap for a particular score is although the same is not true for classifications.


For any further rounds shot, an archer’s handicap is adjusted as follows: If the handicap of the score shot is less than the archer’s current handicap, then their new handicap becomes the average of their old handicap and the handicap of the score shot, rounding up if the result is not a whole number.

Once the results of such tournaments are in, the Tournament Organiser will use the Archery GB handicap tables to calculate the handicap adjustments and find the winner.

You’d think in this day and age of the internet you would be able to order them online from GNAS website but no, you have to do it through the post. The number of points to be added is included in the GNAS handicap tables.

The lower the handicap the better the archer. An archer with a handicap of 68 shoots a round with a handicap of 61 which is more than 2 points better and averaged together and rounded up becomes a 65 handicap. Your club secretary may also be able to give you handivap guidance. Consider buying me a coffee!

Handicap Tables

If the handicap of the score shot is greater than or equal to the archer’s current handicap, do nothing. The standard handicap tables are based on 18xx arrows which are 7. Second, they are also used to produce adjusted results in handicap tournaments.