This speech was delivered to the Class of at the IIM, Bangalore on defining success by Subroto Bagchi CEO MindTree. I was the last child of a small-time. Go, Kiss The World book starts off with Bagchi’s story behind the title, where he recounts the last time he visited his ailing mother in hospital. I understand that it is quite late to give a book review of the autobiography of Subroto Bagchi, titled “Go Kiss the world”, as it was first published.

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Why children of bagchi household were not allowed to call the driver the driver Aug 10, By: Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. This one from Subroto Bagchi is a good read. Subroto along with his mother used to to make the fences with twigs and decorate the house with little plant seedlings.

Sep 14, Anisha rated it it was amazing Shelves: The tiger promptly devours the Brahmin. When you are continuously displaced, you make friends easily.

Negative public opinion most often has some basis and we must have the grace to accept it. Eldest brother Debi Prasad aka Dadamoni a pet name was an IAS aspirant which at last cleared the civil services examination and later became chief Secretary of Orrisa also had a great influence on the author, as Dadamoni always used to teach something new to his youngest brother the author.


Some of those lessons are:.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

Now Mind Tree share price gone up three fold. You have low expectations from the unfamiliar; hence you are more pleasantly surprised than frustrated when faced with life’s many ups and downs. His books always focuses towards bby oneself to a situation, and to realize how a decision is made under those conditions.

But there is no reference to how MindTree got their first client. One can read this book in the event that one needs to think about I don’t know if this is the best book out there for management, but If you are hungry for knowledge or simply want to gain some valuable life lessons, I would shbroto recommend it!

If we could make people understand the issues, they would take charge and deliver the results. Some of the quotes which I liked the most in this book are as follows: Finally, you learn to move on.

Therefore, Subroto asked the nurse to replace it but got the reply to do it himself by the tired, overworked nurse. It is about imagination, about gl to small people, about building inclusion, about connectedness to the larger world, about personal tenacity.

The author has bifurcated life crisis into three categories. His father named Makhan Gopal Bagchi was the non-gazetted tehsildar by profession. Check this url for my review http: You can check out the video in the following link. Sep 26, Ankur Dixit rated it really liked it.


GO KISS THE WORLD – SUBROTO BAGCHI Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

His father never used the jeep to commute to the office and taught the same lesson to Subroto, telling him that it is an expensive resource given by the government.

But do not give up work. Dec 06, Nidhi rated it it was ok Shelves: In the Panchatantra, there is a story of a poor Brahmin bbagchi sees an old tiger in a forest. Answers often jump out of the stillness of your mind. Bagchi once again pulled off another gem. We do not realize how lucky we are to be able to get up in the morning and go to someplace where work awaits us.

The book has loads of learning on values, ethics, conduct and generally the life for young and established professional. May 13, Shubhankar Gupta rated it liked it. Jul 29, Vamsi Sridhar rated it it was amazing Shelves: