The Gosu programming language. Contribute to gosu-lang/gosu-lang development by creating an account on GitHub. This year, Gosu celebrates its 15th anniversary. This pragmatic programming language’s set of features allows Java developers to be more. The Gosu team has been very active regarding Gosu development and we’re working diligently to update our website — see it in beta: Our .

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Changes for open source, data privacy, and the cloud. To make static typing more consumable we also realized type inference would play a huge role in making Gosu more concise and scriptable. Discoverability is also a key principle that guides the language’s design.

To be more productive, however, we also understand that Gosu must leverage modern ideas and borrow from other languages that have successfully employed them. He currently leads the Gosu engineering team and pounds languagee by the truckload while listening to way too much retro synthwave.

Gosu or Java – which to Use?

It was used to configure business logic in Guidewire’s applications langyage was more of a simple rule definition language. Lucky for us, we get to hear all about this simple JVM language from its creator.

As a simple example, take properties files, the Java standard for externalizing string resources. A unique feature of Gosu is its Open Type System, which allows the language to be easily extended to provide compile-time checking and IDE awareness of prigramming that is typically checked only at runtime in most other languages.

Without this level of tooling our developers and our customers would be at a major disadvantage.

Since there is no type-safe access to this data, Java provides the utility class, java. Gosu is also fully open source.


Gosu — Hey look! It’s a pragmatic language for the JVM. A simple language

Basically, the open type system is about abstracting away the notion of a metatype so that 3rd parties can provide custom types directly and seamlessly to Gosu developers.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These all fall under the new Gosu Platform project. As such Gosu’s rich static type system is a necessary ingredient toward best of breed tooling via static programming analysisrich parser feedback, code completiondeterministic refactoring, usage analysis, navigation, and the like.

These include functional programming, type enhancements, dynamic features, reified generics, and structural typing to name just a few. Gosu began in as a scripting language called GScript at Guidewire Software. Gosu is a mature language. There were no practical, statically typed scripting languages available in that period ; that is pretty much what got the ball rolling. XML Schema Definitions are also heavily integrated into the language, as well as object-relational mappingsbecause of the business requirements into which Gosu was born.

Visit our website and definitely check out the Getting Started section. The latest version is 1. What makes Gosu so unique?

Join us in London! For instance, you can reference a Program by name and execute it programmatically. As you can see this code is verbose and not type-safe.

Gosu language creator and development lead, Scott McKinney, emphasizes pragmatism as the overriding principle in Gosu’s design. Gosu is currently not suitable for Android application development. Development of Gosu began in internally for Guidewire Softwareand the language saw its first community release in under the Apache 2 license.

Or, you can use Gosu as a powerful and concise scripting language. Nominal inheritance and composition via delegation are built into the type system as well as structural typing similar to the Go programming language. A separate team is currently upgrading the Gosu IntelliJ plugin, adding a lot of cool new features. For instance, declarations follow more along the lines of Pascal with name-first grammar.


Gosu (programming language) – Wikipedia

Here we have a simple properties file, MyProperties. In addition to standard class types Gosu supports enums, interfaces, structures, and annotations. We realized early on that static typing would be a key element of our language; deterministic static analysis tooling such as instant editor feedback, code completion, code navigation, feature usage, refactoring, etc.

Gosu follows a syntax resembling a combination of other languages.

Gosu — Hey look! It’s a pragmatic language for the JVM. A simple language – JAXenter

Gosu is a statically-typed general-purpose programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Be the first to share this article with your network! What separates Gosu from other JVM languages? Guidewire enhanced the scripting language over the next 8 years, and released Gosu 0. Essentially, we want Gosu to empower developers, but not overwhelm them with complicated or impractical features. How did its development begin? On a more basic level, we wanted Gosu to be familiar, approachable, and easy to learn for most programmers. And today despite its large feature set and general purpose status, Gosu remains a powerful, concise scripting language mostly afforded by languwge type inference and optional compilation.

Therefore, the Pirates of the JVM infographic is accompanied by a series of articles in which we put the spotlight on the languages you may or may not know.

Have you discovered them all? The Gosu team continues to grow and innovate.