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Gymnotus carapo Linnaeus, Taxonomic (Download Help) Gymnotus carapo TSN Notes: Reference for: Gymnotus carapo, banded knifefish . The banded knife fish Gymnotus carapo is among the most widely distributed, broadly adapted (eurytopic), and phenotypically variable fish species in South. Download scientific diagram | Geographic variation in Gymnotus carapo. from publication: Seven new species of the Neotropical electric fish Gymnotus (Teleo- .

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Inhabits turbid slow moving or standing waters Ref. Found also in shallow edges of streams Ref.

Gymnotus carapo, Banded knifefish : aquarium

Can survive when ditches, canals and small ponds dry out. Feeds mainly at night on worms, insects e. Ctenobrycon and Curimata and plant matter Ref. Mouth brooding by males is observed in this species Ref. Males provide parental care in nests excavated for eggs and larvae Ref. Uses its long anal fin for locomotion. Relationship between EOD pattern and agonistic behavior in this species has been demonstrated Refs.


Gymnotus carapo Linnaeus, РGymnote rayé РPrésentation

Shows auditory abilities, responding best to a frequency of Hz, with an upper limit above Hz Ref. Also responds to vibratory stimuli water waves: The male sits on a depression with its anal fin expanded horizontally guarding a cluster of larvae.

More larvae are spread out in leaf litter up to 2 m away Ref.

Main reference Upload your references References Gymnous Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim. Estimates of some properties based on models Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Medium, minimum population doubling time 1.

Moderate vulnerability 37 of You can sponsor this page. Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Freshwater; benthopelagic; pH range: Central and South America: Parental care is provided by the male. Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc.

Summary page Point data Common names Photos. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref.

Entered by Torres, Armi G. Sign our Guest Book. Native range All suitable habitat. This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed.