Hell [Henri Barbusse, Edward J. O’Brien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hell (L’enfer) is a study of voyeurism written in by Henri. There are books to read for pleasure and then there are books that draw you into a world that is deep with emotion. Henri Barbusse’s The Inferno, or Hell, is one. Hell (L’enfer) is a study of voyeurism written in by Henri Barbusse. When it was translated into English in it ignited a scandal. A young man in a Paris.

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View all 3 comments. Filled to the brim as it may be with obvious-isms and what could easily barbusae presented by a lazier, less intuitive writer as sappy woe-is-me-ness, there’s something terribly honest about Hell that manages to dance around the “lost in translation” trap without tripping down that chasm of redundancy, despite the oft-repeated statement of the narrator that we are “all alone” even in the presence of the closest of companions.

However, the visitor who brought the bottle was Chinese, not French. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The problem lies not in the suffering of life but the very realization that happiness lies within suffering.

A glass each, and only when the proposer was satisfied that the book had been adequately debated. It is thanks to the shadow that we exist. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. November 28, bu 4: And when you read it, you realize that that maze and that puzzle are just YOU!

Hell (Barbusse novel) – Wikipedia

What exactly is it about being a voyeur? It’s one of the sharpest indictments of war ever written in fictional form, a groundbreaking work by a sincere, progressive author He spies on fighting couples, trysts between cheating spouses, a thieving chamber maid, a priest who bullies a dying man, a lovely gay romance—just to mention a few scenarios.


Death is everywhere, in the ugliness of what has been too long beautiful, in the tarnishing of what has been clean and pure, in the forgetfulness of what is long past, in daily habits, which are the forgetfulness of what is near.

View all 9 comments. Others killed themselves with poison or with a revolver.

Truth itself bestows an adequate gratification, both practical and so to speak mystical, on that supplicant from whom heaven springs. Then showing great courage and barbsse patriotism when his nation state is invaded.

His later works, Manifeste aux Intellectuels Elevations and others show a more revolutionary standpoint. And this one allows life to be seen without the normal social conventions so that its duplicity and perversion can be seen for what they are.

They grovelled on the ground from day to day, but they had created love, they had replaced divine riches by the poverty of belonging to each other. We have a discussion between the two doctors about the horrors of war. Try as I may to struggle as if to escape from myself, I cannot invest the world with any reality other than that of my imagination. Whatever our bafbusse and effort in the dark, and the futile toil of our incessant heart, and our ignorance and destitution, and the hurts which are other people, we must consider ourselves with a sort of devout respect.

It baarbusse the disillusionment with war that led him to pacifism and then communism. For what is horrifying is not death itself but the idea hekl death, which ruins all activity by casting a subterranean shadow.

Henri Barbusse

Le feutranslated as Under Firethe Story of a Squad was his depiction of the horrendous carnage and a moving portrait of the men who suffered it together. Nov 09, Ali rated it really liked it. But if we share loneliness, we are not entirely alone. Alas, one day I mat say to you: Alternately voyeur and seer, he obsessively studies the private moments and secret activities of his neighbors: It is because we are not self-contained that we suffer.


Basically, I read this at exactly the right time, so if you do precisely that except on purpose, you may just love it as much as I accidentally did willynilly, perchance, it just so happened. We must guard the bond that links us to blood and earth. As a book, and looked at a century after it was written, it does ramble too much. For the rest, skip it.

As a spatial referent, Heaven is generally considered to be “above,” “higher” than the human or earthly plane. View all 12 comments.

Henri Barbusse – The Greatest Literature of All Time

Le Feu drew criticism at the time for its harsh naturalism, but won the Prix Goncourt. The book sweeps away life’s illusions. And barbussw this narrator barely interacts with the fellow residents in his Parisian boarding house, what he sees is almost all there is. Early on it seemed that many different personages would pass through the spied upon room, and thus a broad A great concept: Barbusse first came to fame with the publication of his novel Le Feu translated as Under Fire inwhich was based on his experiences during World War I.