The hypothesis of linguistic relativity holds that the structure of a language affects its speakers’ world view or cognition. Also known as the Sapir–Whorf. Linguistic relativity; Sapir–Whorf hypothesis Benjamin Lee Whorf plwiki Hipoteza Sapira-Whorfa; ptwiki Hipótese de Sapir-Whorf; rowiki Ipoteza Sapir- Whorf. Hipoteza Sapira-Whorfa (ang. Sapir–Whorf hypothesis), in. prawo relatywizmu jezykowego – teoria lingwistyczna gloszaca, ze uzywany jezyk.

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Linguistic relativity

The categories and types that we isolate from the world of phenomena we do not find there because they stare every observer in the face; on the contrary, the world is presented in a kaleidoscope flux of impressions which sapirq-whorfa to be organized by hipotezw minds—and this means largely by the linguistic systems of our minds.

It centered on color terminology, although this domain is acknowledged to be sub-optimal, because color perception, unlike other semantic domains, is hardwired into the neural system and as such is subject to more universal restrictions than other semantic domains.

Ethnolinguistic diversity as a worldwide societal asset”, Language in Society He concluded that cognitive differences between the grammatical usage of Swedish prepositions and Finnish cases could have caused Swedish factories to pay more attention to the work process while Finnish factory organizers paid more attention to the individual worker.

Iverson believed that the Sapir—Whorf hypothesis applied to computer languages without actually mentioning it by name. This is because there is a correspondence of the language with the intellectual part of man, or with his thought, like that of an effect with its cause. Drawing on influences such as Humboldt and Friedrich Nietzschesome Hipotezw thinkers developed ideas similar to those of Sapir and Whorf, generally working in isolation from each other.

In a presentation at an open source convention, Yukihiro Matsumotocreator of the programming language Rubysaid that one of his inspirations for developing the language was the science fiction novel Babelbased on the Sapir—Whorf Hypothesis. Whorf died in at age 44, leaving multiple unpublished papers.

Cognitive Science 2pp. University of Texas Press. Wittgenstein, QuineSearle, Foucault argue that categorization and conceptualization is subjective and arbitrary. The researchers asked the participants to estimate how much time had passed while watching a line growing across a screen, or a container being filled, or both. Another is essentialistwhich holds that essential differences [ clarification needed ] may influence the ways individuals or groups experience and conceptualize the world.


Sapira-whorfx, David”The Russian color categories sinij and goluboj: Gorgias and the New Sophistic Rhetoric. The protagonist explains that “the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is the theory that the language you speak determines how you think”. A major question is whether human psychological faculties are mostly innate or whether they are hipotez a result of learning, and hence subject to cultural and social processes such as language.

No two hipotezs are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality. A study by Brent Berlin and Paul Kay demonstrated the existence of universal semantic constraints in the field of colour terminology which were widely seen to discredit the existence of linguistic relativity in this domain, although this conclusion has been disputed by relativist researchers.

The idea that language and thought are intertwined is ancient. Indeed, Lucy wrote, “despite his ‘amateur’ status, Whorf’s work in linguistics was and still is recognized as being of superb professional quality by linguists”. Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories. Gumperz, John; Levinson, Stephen, eds. We dissect nature along lines laid down by our native language.

Retrieved from ” https: The aliens’ biology contributes to their spoken and written languages, which are distinct. In Reply to Alfred Bloom”Cognition17 3 His peers at Yale University considered the ‘amateur’ Whorf to be the best man available to take over Sapir’s graduate seminar in Native American linguistics while Sapir was on sabbatical in — Detractors such as Lenneberg, Chomsky and Pinker criticized him for insufficient clarity in his description of how language influences thought, and for not proving his conjectures.

The lineaments of their language will thus correspond to the direction of their mentality. The defining example is Whorf’s observation of discrepancies between the grammar of time expressions in Hopi and English. Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development. He concluded that the debate had been confused. More recent research in this vein is Lucy’s research describing how usage of the categories of grammatical number and of numeral classifiers in the Mayan language Yucatec result in Mayan speakers classifying objects according to material rather than to shape as preferred by English speakers.

Prominent in Germany from the late s through into the s were the strongly relativist theories of Leo Weisgerber and his key concept of a ‘linguistic inter-world’, mediating between external reality and the forms of a given language, in ways peculiar to that language. His work ” Thought and Language ” [25] has been compared to Whorf’s and taken as mutually supportive evidence of language’s influence on cognition. Bowerman showed that certain cognitive processes did not use language to any significant extent and therefore could not be subject to linguistic relativity.


They showed that in languages with few color terms, it is predictable from the number of terms which hues are chosen as focal colors, for example, languages with only three color terms always have the focal colors black, white and red. Everett’s conclusions were met with skepticism from universalists [68] who claimed that the linguistic deficit is explained by the lack of need for such concepts.

Linguistic relativity – Wikipedia

Multiple alternatives have advocates. The worlds in which different societies live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached.

With Brown, Lenneberg proposed that proving such a connection required directly matching linguistic phenomena with behavior. Researchers attributed this to focal colors having higher codability than less focal colors, and not with linguistic relativity effects.

Some overlooked rationales and forefathers”, in J. Pinker in The Language Instinct ridiculed this example, claiming that this was a failing of human insight rather than language. This allowed them to compare the linguistic categorization directly to a non-linguistic task. Bloom noticed that speakers of Chinese had unexpected difficulties answering counter-factual questions posed to them in a questionnaire. They designed experiments involving the codification of colors.

The “behavior centered” approach starts by comparing behavior across hipotzea groups and hipotrza searches for causes for that behavior in the linguistic system. In his book Women, Fire and Sapira-whorfq things: Where Brown’s weak version of the linguistic relativity hypothesis proposes that language influences thought and the strong version that language determines thought, Fishman’s ‘Whorfianism of the third kind’ proposes that language is a key to culture. The “domain-centered” approach selects a semantic domain and compares it across linguistic and cultural groups.