Transcriptions of Hiromi Uehara’s jazz piano solos including Brain training, Bern baby bern, Yamaha Commercial, I’ve Got Rhythm, Wake Up and Dream. Print and download in PDF or MIDI lg My transcription of Hiromi’s ” Place to Be”. A great piece for intermediates and I hope it can be. View Notes – Hiromi-Uehara-Transcriptions from MUSIC at Douglas College. 22 18 5 5 mf f.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This composition is how you feel when you’re eating a creampuff. And, you know, that highway really inspired me, and I wrote this song. Sign in with your GC account! So, Frank Zappa again.

By funkypenguinJuly 26, in Theory and Technique. And I just named it “Sicilian Blue” because I was so inspired by how blue the ocean was, and I mean, the sea was, and how blue the sky was. The band is claimed to be one fuses hip….

So let’s look at “The Harder They Come” from their pretty early album “Colorcode” of Stevie Salas popular in his heavy psychedelic guitar play.

Hiromi Uehara – Return of Kung-Fu World Champion – TRANSCRIPTION – Free Download PDF

It’s from her new record. And when it’s gone, I’m sad. When you go to new places, do you sort of take in the scenery and think about how each place, each city, each street would sound on the piano?


Start by checking out our FAQ. So I just, you know, I wanted to create that sound with, of course, a piano, just trying to find the sound, and I did find the sound, you know, using the metallic ruler inside of the piano. Posted July 29, edited.

Hiromi Uehara – “Spiral” Bass Transcription – Theory and Technique – Basschat

Well, let me persist with Steve Jansen since I took up a song of Japan last time and I got curious more about his performance. All songs in this album are covers and a lot of guest musicians are participating in it. Also see this previous article: Right now, Hiromi is leaning over the top of the piano, and she’s transceiption inside and pressing, literally pressing, on the bass strings. Sign in Already have an account? Already have an account? Because the explanation will be long, I give it to Wikipedia or other sources, etc.

Tell me about your skills in Jeff Beck – Scatterbrain?

Transcription: Place To Be by Hiromi Uehara

Let’s take a look at an Italian Latin alternative band Talco! Anyway, I’ll keep quiet for the moment so you can hear more. Let me stand next to your fire! After I exhibited a paranoid obsession with paradiddle in the song Transcri;tion of Jeff Beck on the previous article, let me introduce a paradiddle guru! Cant wait to see her play live. From Jeff Beck’s album “Blow by Blow” released in the Japanese release is titled as “the revival of the guitar murderer”.


Please try again later. There are musicians who can understand and create music by mathematics or advanced puzzle games instead of emotions or feelings.

Also see the previous article: Recording from a Digital Keyboard into a Computer. His music is well known as a franscription of highly complicated and even esoteric so…. Prince – Everywhere is harder than you think. Yes, he is John Blackwell, aka JB.

How would you describe it in words? Well, for me, that’s a very special place. A lot of the music on this album is inspired by the places that you’ve been. Today we see the song “Everywhere” to reconfirm… Conclusion: The band is named as Dream Theater. Also, please do not submit more than posts per week, and you should not have more than 2 posts on the front page. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. They go pretty crazy sometimes, and I really enjoy that.