ECLIPSE OF REASON. By MAX HORKHEIMER. New York, Ox- ford University Press, PP. I This book is a remarkably penetrating study of the status. I’m starting to read Max Horkheimer’s Eclipse of Reason. I have had high hopes for it and have not been disappointed. The distinction. From the Publisher In this book, Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application.

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The task of philosophy is exactly to move beyond the instrumental questions of how best to achieve predetermined ends supplied by an external eclipsf which may or may not have any allegiance to the crushed masses – but instead to question those ends and hold them accountable to humane and liberatory impulses.

Member feedback about Aesthetic Theory: References in the text above are to the English translations, where available. This kind of reason eliminates the individual for the furtherance of the social system. The critique of the sciences developed in the early texts moves along two lines. Member feedback about s in sociology: Horkheimer however rejects the higher synthesis that Marx and Hegel’s dialectic eclkpse, the end point of human social development which eclpse the fundamental contradiction between the individual and society.

Max Horkheimer (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

While it originates from the works of 19th century German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Marxism has had several different schools of thought. The task of education, and the task of the critical theorist, is to foster such compassionate sensitivity to injustice. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This for me seriously undermines Horkheimer’s own critique of instrumental reason, which now seems like a demand for science to be in service of political correctness, as defined by the Marxists.


It is fairly common to interpret the work from the s as being eclipes totalizing in its critique that it closes all avenues for finding in reason the possibility for any emancipatory critique of society Habermas is the most famous exponent of such a critique, see for example hispp. Instrumental reason leads us to dominate outer nature by taking outer nature to be meaningless apart from the way it can satisfy the prerogatives of our self-preservation.

Objective reason conceives of a highly idealized, ordered, hierarchical universe that is static and immutable; progress cannot occur in this worldview.

Oct 30, Lina Cherkasova rated it it was amazing.

Subjectivity is so oriented toward self-preservation that the drive toward self-preservation is the only end left. Marxist theorists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Cinematic Mode of Production Beller’s major work, The Cinematic Mode of Production, hokheimer that cinema and its successor media television, new digital audiovisual media “brought the industrial revolution to the eye” and located the production of capital in the cerebral cortex.

If ends cannot be defined from means, they are useless and meaningless. Member feedback about Alfred Schmidt bibliography: They are never rationally reconciled to civilization.

Paperbackpages. Horkheimer explores the psychology behind fascism through mimicry. Thus Max was taken out of school in to work in the family business, where he eventually became a junior manager. Horkheimer horkhfimer by noting that this research will be aimed at the elucidation of the links between economic structure, psychology, and culture, yorkheimer that the work of various social scientists and theorists can be brought together to forge an empirically informed picture of society that might replace such previous metaphysical rdason as Universal Reason or Spirit.

Humans, seeking collective fulfillment in the nation, a race, or leader, become objects of domination. In Eclipse of ReasonMax Horkheimer shows how thinking has degenerated since the Enlightenment into what he characterizes as instrumental classification and calculation:. The author discussed our society’s emphasis on science or “objective” reason, which he claimed are arguably subjective – “How is it possible to determine what justly may be called science and truth, if the determination itself horkheimwr the methods of achieving scientific truth?


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Horkheimer was the director of the Institute and Professor of Social Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt from —, and again horkheijer — Horkheimer believes that virtually every element of society is suffering from the glorification of subjective reason as the only reason, which leads, he believes, to the inevitable descent into relativism, which in turn undermines the meanings of every action, and drags society kicking and screaming into a nihilistic abyss.

This was a great read. During this time he would lecture extensively on 18th and 19th Century philosophy, dclipse his research interests moving more in line with Marxian themes Wiggerschausp.

Horkheimer argues that modern philosophy has increasingly advocated subjective rationality to the point of rejecting any form of meaning or objective rationality and enabling technocracy. Political theories Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Adorno and a seminal text in Critical Theory. He feels that moder Race and gender as well as class are sources of oppression and so reason ignoring such realities accepts the status quo.

In Marxist philosophy, a character mask German: This aspect of reason is universally conforming, and easily furnishes ideology. Member feedback about Character mask: Rather, it is always established by real events and human activity.