OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN A Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils.

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It is a measure Failures of the reliability of the system.

Step 6 Repeat Step 2. Select By Function and then select Laser Switch from the drop-down list. This is to prevent the carrier from being strained or pressed by the heavy objects. It uses cost as its routing metric. The major commissioning steps are as follows: In normal situation, Working should be Standby, and Protection should be Active. Clock Source Priority Table This topic describes the parameters that are related to the priority table of a clock source.

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. In normal situations, the switching status should be Forced Switching.

RTN 950 V100R005C01 Commissioning Guide 04

Notice The purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei and the customer. That is, services are transmitted and received in a different tunnel respectively. The first saved data is first read and invoked. It is also a full mesh of Maintenance Entities. This allows Internet and other IP-based network service providers to offer different levels of service to customers.


Connection Diagram When you use an optical interface board to test the fiber jumper connection, connect the fiber jumper to the optical power meter on the ODF side and connect the fiber 905 to the TX port of the optical interface board on the chassis side. It is located in layer 2 of the IP protocol stack. Change the overhead bytes occupied by the orderwire. DANGER Before operating a storage battery, you must read the safety precautions carefully and be familiar with the method of connecting a storage battery.

Step 8 Tighten all the screws on the antennas. Source VC4 – – l This parameter specifies the number of the VC-4 channel where the service source is located.

Use the same user Selected Deselected When this parameter is selected, enter User name and Deselected Name and Password to log in to all the password to login selected NEs. At the service transmission end, the interface module packs timeslot data into ATM cells. Convention Description Boldface The keywords of a command line are in boldface.

For details, see 4. Step 2 Refer to 5. DC-return common A power system, in which the BGND of the DC return conductor is short-circuited with with ground the PGND on the output side of the power supply cabinet and also on buawei line between the output of the power supply cabinet and the electric equipment. Figure is a vertical azimuth diagram. Hence, you must pull out the switches lightly before you turn it. Figure shows a slanting optical interface, and Figure shows a level optical interface.


After that, input these services nanual the BER tester.

OptiX RTN – Enterprise Service Support

Step 7 Click OK. Click Options to change the VC timeslot numbering policy used by the cross- connection. Engineers also need to adjust the feed booms of the antennas so that the cross-polarization discrimination XPD meets the specified requirements.

The loops are then removed by shutting down selected bridges interfaces and placing redundant switch ports in a backup, or blocked, state. This example does not provide the planning information except for the polarization direction that is not related to the IDU configuration. In Tributary Loopback, select Outloop.