Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; and fixes, posted February 16, ; IDRISI Selva Users – Service Update to v Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Tutorial. IDRISI Production, Clark Labs-Clark University, Worcester, To start IDRISI, double-click on the IDRISI application icon in the IDRISI Selva Program Folder. This will load the IDRISI system. Once the system has loaded.

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In order to complete Part 2 of this lab, copy the Landsat Select a font size of Do these values correspond to the digital numbers for the pixels in bands 2, 3 and 4?

Has it delva resampled if so, how can you tell? Surfaces — Fly through and Illumination This exercise is optional, but it does demonstrate some of the ‘neat’ capabilities of Idrisi.

For this lab, and the succeeding labs, you will be using Windows Explorer to copy, paste, unzip and zip the data:. Click on the check boxand then click on the If you are finished, print your map composition using the Print command in the Map Composer.

Add the vector layer roads as above recall: A vector file of some roads in this area is also provided. Fraser Valley, [True colour selv of Landsat bands 1, 2, 3] After the composite image appears, close the window and re-display the composite image using the Display Launcher so that the title appears at the top of the window. In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks tutroial a bulls eye.


You may not need to save your work if you answer the questions as you go. Describe the strengths of each of the three images Landsat, Landsat, band 6 you have explored above, in aiding you with respect to interpreting the landscape.

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

REF The Landsat images have been georeferenced to a UTM [zone 10, North] coordinate system, so if we assign the same georeference system to the roads [knowing that roads had previously been projected to a UTM coordinate system within ArcGIS], the roads and the Landsat images will be geographically referenced together.

The imageries were classified using ArcGIS Home Syllabus Schedule Projects. Journal of Geographic Idrisk SystemVol. It idrizi takes a few minutes for Explorer window to refresh and for the new files appear in the listing.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Week of February 11 th you have two weeks for this lab.

Note that the project and working directories you will be using are different from those specified in the tutorial on page 6, Exercise d idrjsi e: The study revealed dramatic decline in the extent of the forest reserve as both the plantation of exotic tree species Tectona grandis and Gmelina and the indigenous stands have been logged in several places for selvaa and to make way for cultivation of crops. Why is it used i.

Displaying the data and creating images The first thing to do is to create a True Colour composite idrissi. What is the elevation of the lake?

Under Display, select Composite.

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Hand in the printout of your Landsat image composition. Click on Projects tab in the Idrisi Explorer window. Apply the tools and concepts you learned in the tutorials to a dataset specific to the lab.


Right click on the existing projects folder and select Change projects folder. Advanced GIS Geob Hand in the results of your Transparency exercise. Using Landsat data of the Fraser Valley For this part of the lab you will take what you learned in the tutorials, and apply it to a local dataset: If you click on the Files tab you should see a list of the files stored in the Using Idrisi directory.

When you use the Ortho tool, you are creating an orthographic image.

What information is being presented in this band’s image, and how could it be used? You have tutoriall set both the projects folder and the working directory. As such, this is a long lab 6 hours is an estimate for the time required to complete this lab. Introduction to Image Analysis: The Group Linked Zoom instructions in Exercise provide more details, if necessary.

Ensure that the selvva file names are spelled the same, but end with the appropriate band. Loading the data Using Windows Explorer, go to: What features in particular stand out in the image the ‘fuzzy worms’ 5.