Wisdom jobs provide you with Application Packaging interview questions .. What Is The Latest Version Of Wise Package Studio & Install Shield Admin Studio ?. keyskills;- WisePackageStudio,AdminStudio,Installshield,APP-V,Thin-app interview Questions for Application packaging (wise\installshield). Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | Free Practice Test | Free Sample InstallShield.

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Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions

At the end it waits for the exit code from the custom action before continuing. The Windows Installer can perform an administrative installation of an application or product to a network for use by a workgroup. So operating system identifies the file types and links it back to the programs based on the file extension they possess. Following are miscellaneous queries. Because MSI files can be housed in a share point and delivered via a server, we can keep our installation files all in one place or move them around — closer to the users if necessary.

What Is Lock Down Environment? That merge module could then be added to the installation packages of each product that required that particular component.

Application Packaging Course Training in Hyderabad

Most common reasons for Re-packaging are as follows: Such transforms are cached in this location during the installation or advertisement of the package. The repackager would copy the. When do you use ActiveSetup? A Manifest file concept b Local file jnterview. How to check if a file is in use? A feature is nothing but a collection of all the components. Study The qhestions of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews?


Advantages of Packaging creating MSI packages? When an Executable is wrapped within an MSI then that msi is called wrapper msi. When uninstalling a repackaged application, it is possible that the AllUsers profile. Well i tried to search for the answers to these questions but i failed.

Deferred custom actions can only be sequenced between the Install Initialize and Install Finalize actions in execute sequence tables. Windows Installer runs the questinos action synchronously to the main installation. EXE file with a specific name insrallshield present. Sometimes when the repackager runs, all it knows is that an. These files are kept in a hidden,system directory.

Intelli Mirror management technologies are a set of powerful features for change and configuration management. Name Few Msi Re-packaging Tools?

U cant get any info from customer about his specific requirements or system requirements. It is an installation, in the form of a single file. ICEs are used to validate installation packages against various generic issues.

The Best Packaging And Virtualization Interview Questions [UPDATED]

Not Remove- This is used during both installation and Uninstallation. The installer passes the information to a process with elevated privileges and runs the script. What Is Launch Condition? A service is nothing but a windows service which always runs in the background, it is loaded by Service Control manager of the operating system.

What Is Adminsgudio Directory? Drop us a Query Full Name. A file wuestions carries no extension or no associated program is called Orphaned.

Installshield interview questions- need answers – CodeProject

How to check if a process is running using WiseScript? A minor update is a product update that makes enough changes to warrant questinos the product version for the product, whereas a major update is a product update with a large number of changes that warrants a change in the product code.


Search this blog for Answers on various queries.

The only way to take advantage of isolated components is to author queations new MSI package. During subsequent installation-on-demand or maintenance installations of the package, the installer uses the cached transforms. When does Run key gets executed? When the application is launched by advertised shortcut, it checks for all the installshild paths of the Current Feature, if any of the key paths is missing it will launch Repair. How to do Diagnostic Logging? Use Of Installevel Property?

Syntax of ProductVersion Property? Qjestions is Windows Installer? If there are a number of applications that require a specifically configured component, it would be possible to create a merge module that installs and configures that component. Within this property, values cannot be changed. Please list out all the problems associated with legacy installation?

What Is Application Packaging? What is NestedMSI installation? This file should be used along with MSI file while installation where the customization or change the installation package can be done without actually modifying the MSI. Insrallshield, installon- demand and user profile fix-up operate at the Feature level. What versions instalshield Windows include Windows Installer? All applications in a product family shared the same upgrade code. Administrators use Group Policy to define options for managing, configuration of servers, desktops, and groups of users.