Before you When calculating rates.g. Quick Start-Up Guide Setting up an infusion for the Ivac Rate Calculation ml to be infused in 2 hours 30 minutes. The IVAC® Volumetric Pump automatically regulates the infusion rate of intravenous solutions. Users are advised to read, to understand this manual and to be thoroughly familiar with the Pump prior to Tel: (27) (0) interferon α-2α, , , , , , , interferon α-2b, , , , , IVAC, ixabepilone, –,, ,, , ixazomib, .

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Load an empty 50ml syringe see list of suitable syringes belowsqueeze the finger grips and move the plunger holder slowly to the left. Remove pole clamp from lower case.

CareFusion IVAC 598 Directions For Use Manual

The keypad is polled from the Control PCB. Similarly a continuous background infusion which is delivered irrespective of the patients demands for analgesia, can also be selected. Rzymowskiego 53, Warszawa, Polska. Keypad The keypad is made up of 10 individual mechanical switches and is arranged in an X-Y matrix. Are you sure you want to stop watching all lots on this page?

S tep through each DRUG option see table below and modify as required.

Remove the chassis plate, disconnecting flexi circuits as required. Linear Grid Grid opto: Test results are stored: See ‘Display PCB’ for further ivav on spacer buttons and replacement instructions.


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Bonded Beam The pumping pressure of the pump is detected by measuring the deflection of a beam at the end of the leadscrew on the transmission by using a full bridge strain gauge. Mnaual flexible circuit, replace if faulty.

This document contains proprietary information of CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries, Flexible Circuits Two flexible circuits are used to connect the motor, opto switches and declutch microswitch on the transmission to the Control PCB. See ‘Entering an Access Code’ in Chapter 2 for instructions.

For the purposes of maintenance and repair, the Display PCB is supplied as a complete module, however, the Backlight can be replaced separately. Fit the bare header over the pins.

This key lock is located on the left side of the pump SM Iss. See ‘Preset Protocol Set Up’ for further details. The change of state position is independent of the actual syringe near end of infusion point. Introduction Conditions of Use The Pump should only be operated by a clinician competent in use of automated infusion pumps and post-placement management of intravenous catheters. De-solder ivax Figure 1.

IVAC® PCAM® Syringe Pump

The main processor runs the main application program. Fit item F – alarm cover mqnual LB to decrease alarm volume if the alarm volume is still too loud at it’s lowest position.


S et maanual the pump and perform the test in either PCA mode or in Continuous mode as described below. Save and Close HyperTerminal. Open and close the cover.

It is recommended that infusion sets iva changed according to the instructions in the ‘Changing the Infusion Set’ section. F it and fasten the case halves together and check the EOI point again.

Do not clear the RAM unless absolutely necessary because all the calibration and configuration in the pump will be cleared. The pump should be fully recharged after discharge before storage, and at 3 month intervals during storage. The indicator light can be configured to show when the PCA dose is available or being mmanual. Connect the pump to AC power supply.

Check handset and handset inlet cable connections. The linear potentiometer is mamual as a potential divider and produces a signal relative to the syringe diameter. DVM Resistance Meter 1.

Key Switch Key switch: Note the recommended joint position see illustration below.