Yesterday I Cried by Iyanla Vanzant – The National Bestseller What is the lesson in abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection? What is the lesson when you lose. Iyanla Vanzant. Yesterday, I cried, for all the days that I was too busy, or too tired, or too mad to cry. I cried for all the days, and all the ways. OWN-TV’s Iyanla Vanzant shares a little secret to curb your Holiday stress: Have a good cry! Crying can be “cleansing & messy at the same.

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How we deal with new challenges is always a reflection of how well we have healed. Yeaterday March Length: I had forgotten to embrace myself or pat myself on the back.

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Shame-filled tears come from the pit of the stomach and usually cause us to bend yesterrday — not in pain, but in anguish. Iyanlafixmylife Fix My Life! To ask other readers questions about Yesterday, I Criedplease sign up.

He letter to her son in jail was quite something. In this simple book, she uses her own personal experiences to show how life’s hardships can be re-languaged and re-visioned to become lessons that teach us as we grow, heal, and learn to love. This was my first book of Ms. May God bless you for your service to others! Apr 18, Senele rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: As I continued to read the book the strength of the spirit became very prevalent.

If you don’t already love her, I don’t think you will enjoy this book. I cry when I think about what people will say about me, what people will think of me.


He was telling the world about all the books I had written and how many had been sold. She mixes scripture with other mystic writings and states that there are many paths that lead to one road and that God didn’t care if she And Iyanla Vanzant is like the mama every girl needs to tell her what to and what not to do, because she has been there! Rather than display anger, we hold back, and the tears rage forth, shattering out self-image.

This poem always seems to make me stop and think and stop and breathe…thank you…thank you for writing something that no matter how many times I read it it still works. It didn’t feel quite like a linear yeterday, but it didn’t quite feel like a self-help book, either. Mar 27, Alexis rated it really liked it.

Yesterday, I Cried by Iyanla Vanzant

I cried until my ears were hot. So glad she had and still has God on her side. Thank you for being you, Iyanla. Sad tears spill forth from the inside corner of the eye, finding their way across our nose, cheeks, and lips. It is the natural outgrowth of postponing the inevitable. When we are frightened we cannot see or think.

I was truely blessed by, “Yesterday I Cried. When we do find our strength again, we move on to the next thing without taking a moment to breathe or celebrate. Iyanla is a wise teacher and I’m interested in anything she has to say, anything she writes.

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It was, they said, beautiful and peaceful. As I started to read the book I didn’t think I wanted to finish it because it felt as if I was carrying a heavy weight. It seems to me that Iyanla, to me, speaks far better than she writes.


She has a beautiful soul.

To this day it is still one of the first books that come to mind, when someone ask me what is my favorite book. It is basically an autobiography, and Iyanla has a very depressing life. I wish you a beautiful evening, love and light. As soon as he saw the redness in my eyes, he stretched his long arms out toward me so that I could fall into them. One of my teachers once told me, “Tell your story. I was angry because I felt so powerless, and that made me sad.

Crying for others and myself has led me to the belief that certain aspects of my story must be told. I wanted to cry.

Monday Matters – “Yesterday I Cried” by Iyanla Vanzant

Even as I write, I cry. Iyanla got a law degree, became a Yoruba priestess, and then got her life on track. Frightened tears are usually big tears that well up in the eye. Another great one by Iyanla.

This is a heavy book. If you push yourself too fast, before gaining the strength you need to go in a new direction, you are going to fall and bump your head. Price may vary by yexterday. More books from this author: I just don’t think this was the book for me.