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The Transsexual Empire by Janice G. Raymond Female Erasure by Ruth Barrett Blood and Visions by Autotomous Womyn’s Press Sex Changes by Christine. Transsexual Empire [Janice G Raymond] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fifteen years ago, when it was first published, The Transsexual . Szasz, Thomas () `Male and Female Created He Them’, Review of Janice G. Raymond, The Transsexual Empire, New York Times Book Review (10 Jun.).

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Some of these claims have also turned into twitter threads of fiction about my personal life. The examples that follow illustrate only a few of the hundreds of abusive messages about me and about other feminist critics of transgender ideology. Transgenderism reduces gender resistance to wardrobes, hormones, surgery and posturing – anything but real sexual equality.

Transsezual book was written at janics time before opinions on trans issues became entrenched and crystallised. And it is only recently that states have been called upon to use taxpayer monies for prisoners who request the treatment and surgery.

The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male

It was the boundaries issue that struck me. I feel nothing but contempt for this women and her abysmal waste of paper.

In the run up to the conference, we asked Janice a few questions about her past and recent work and her topic of choice for her talk: October 7, at Raymond spends a great and transeexual amount of time characterizing the tone of early transpolitics.

For some unknown reason, some people are forced into marriages and others are hranssexual. Thus far, no plans are officially underway to commemorate the women whose lives were taken from them when they were drafted into military sexual slavery during WWII.

The Transsexual Empire

Mar 11, Timothy rated it did not like it Shelves: Post-conference, Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen in a Counterpunch article wrote that trans activists subsequently threatened DGR members with arson, rape, and murder. October 11, at 8: January 7, at 9: Critics of transgenderism contend that hormones, surgery, and self-identification do not transform men into women and women into men. Yet if feminists raykond agree on the boundaries of what constitutes females, then what can we hope to agree on?

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Many individuals, including feminists, have faced gender dissatisfaction. Compassion, from a woman, for the plight of men is misplaced pity.

Others asked in to present opinions were the-then National Institute of Mental Health of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration who performed a literature review and provided an opinion of the efficacy of sex change surgery. Lists with This Book.

It has become common, on many of these sites set up by trans activists, not only to criticize opposing viewpoints but also to distort the words and work of anyone who dissents from transgenderist orthodoxies. If we have to change our bodies in order to challenge gender norms, we are not transcending gender, i. They sued to be on the rape crisis lines in Vancouver.

No platforming FemiFest radfems resist Dissenters from transgender orthodoxies have been hounded with a fanaticism that characterizes religious and political fundamentalists of all stripes. Raymond on gender socialization: Email Raymonc Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Transsexual Empire – Wikipedia

Never mind that Lees had drawn a diagram of something that resembles the female reproductive organs, not the female genitals, reflecting his ignorance of the female body he claims to have. Aug 12, Josephine biblioseph rated it did not like it Shelves: InI was asked to write a paper on the social and ethical aspects of transsexual surgery. October 5, at 6: As I saw it then and see it now, transgender raises questions of what gender is and how to challenge it.

This perspective is so pervasive in cultural thought as to be omnipresent. For radical feminists, separation and worldliness go together and are both necessary to create transformative change. Apollo space mission, underwent surgery in his attempt to become a woman.

Sonia’s report on Janice Raymond’s “The Transsexual Empire” () | Feminist Reading Group

Social and political life stem from values, choices and practices that are defined with clarity and exercised with commitment. Transgender jsnice define conscientious objection to transgenderism as equal to transphobia. MtFs pose a legitimate threat to FABs.


Finally, Raymond answers, 30 years ahead of her time, the transpolitical character assassination on radical feminist response to intrusion:. Ariadne Tzounakou rated it did not like it Jan 06, How often do we as radfems see this big picture you emplre with this simple sentence?

Male-to-female transsexuals are simply required to be good examples of the feminine role for other sex-class members. October 15, at Would you agree that radical feminism has yet to integrate a truly global perspective in terms of women’s oppression? Nov 14, Amanda Ure rated it did not like it. Stop being so oppressive! Accusations and attacks against those who dissent from transgender ideology have become so vitriolic that even impartial journalists not aligned with any position, who have chosen to write about the debate over transsexualism and transgenderism, are also attacked as transphobic when they raise critical points or questions about the subject.

As an academic, Jahnsen should have known better and verified the actual quotation from my book. It’s interesting that she puts so much stock in “this [cis female] body” as an integral part of female identity and of who she is The importance of dismantling gender is still with us, albeit in some unusual places, reputably said to exist beyond gender.

The Transsexual Empirepp. Until recently, this twitter parody account facilitated and encouraged hate messages to be sent in about me. I admit to hate reading this ten years ago. In the new introduction to this feminist work, Raymond discusses how these same issues are now debated in the context of transgender. We are only fools to sit idle with encouragement.