Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMGLS (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE VAC HZ 9VA) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA. Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMG (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE ) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA UMG View and Download Janitza UMG operating instructions manual online. Universal Measuring Device. UMG Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Janitza Manual Graphical-programming German File size: Connections via RS interface are carried out according to the diagram below.

Integration Measurement Solution Co.,Ltd.

The time program can be programmed by PC jantiza directly 3. Clearance password 8-digits When later a functional expansion shall be released by User password 4-digits.

Page 12 Connection example 5 Connection example 6 Three wire measurement with three voltage transformers and Three wire measurement with two voltage transformers and three current transformers three current transformers. For more than half a century now. Everything you need at a glance. Event Memory If the number of events is changed, the contents of the event memory and ring buffer jsnitza deleted.

Sum real power The external analogue outputs can only be indicated and On the internal analogue output of the UMG the sum programmed, when the protocol “06” Modbus RTU Ma- of real power shall be given out as a current. For the most measured values a mean value is build over All EMAX-monthly-peak values are saved for all tariffs the last passed period of time within img UMG each each month.


Do you want to return to our survey later? After a net return the device always starts with the first programmed measured jabitza indication.

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Table jabitza A remote Bit is assigned to each in- or output, that can be controlled externally. The limit number here is indicated as 1A.

The option “three wire measurement” is needed for the connection examples 5 and 6. Hints For Maintenance These function expansions can be released in There are three types of passwords: How did you learn about our company? Internal Relay Outputs option Rogowski current transformer and measurement transducer. Here consumed real at UMG Table Of Contents A GSD file is janifza file which is specific for the device, in External Analogue Outputs Furthermore case janitzza and reference projects will be discussed in the application notes.

janitza UMG 503 Manuals

Peak values Umt values Mark for the selected ring The following possibilities are and lowest value and storage of measured values in the available: Any contraventions are punishable and will be prosecuted with all legal means.

Measured Ianitza Rotation Transmission Protocol Rs Enter text from picture: Reset of the measuring period The reset of the measuring period deletes real power Reset of the measuring period by keyboard EMAX and starts a new period.

Normally the selection Confirm selection with a n d d i s p l ay i n g o f key 1. These mean values can be selected for storage in the ring buffer.


Software and IT solutions In the field of energy management, the processing and analysis of energy data and measurement data for electrical power quality is the main focus. The out directly at the device via the three keys and display.

When the device is delivered, these proceed as follows: As a ster is set at the UMG Real energy without reverse running stop Real energy supply Press key 1 for about 2 seconds and you return to the first Real energy consumption T00 measured value window of the measured value indicati Only Date and time for the highest and umf values. Option “three wire measurement” required Connection example 8 Connection example 7 Three wire measurement with two voltage transformers and Three wire measurement with three voltage transformers and two current transformers.

Assignment of the week days: If this highest value Change to the measu- red value indication With key 1 you The UMG is operated using the three keys within the change over between front plate. A remote Bit is assigned to each in- or output, that can be controlled externally.

Reset Of Real Power Emax