Jawhara al-Tawhid. Public. · Hosted by Meem Institute. Interested. clock. Every Friday, Oct 27, – Jan 19, · UTC+ Event ended about 9 months ago. An Outpouring of Subtleties upon the Pearl of Divine Oneness – Fayd al-Latīf ‘alā Jawharah al-Tawhīd by Allie Khalfe. In the name of Allah. Snippets of the text Support by donating to Islamictext Cape Town and assist with the spread of Knowledge and Education Partial introduction In the Name of.

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In this case it is any symbol that indicates the named. It is said that a translator does not translate except that he leaves certain things out from the original text. Al-Azhar al-Sharif in Egypt is one such institution of knowledge and beacon of Islamic culture, as it fully embraces the voyage of learning.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – English commentary by Allie Khalfe – The IslamicText Institute

I have extracted from it, its precious pearls and noble excellences and composed it upon a pattern embellished and well arranged. It is currently being proof read and should be ready by June this yearAllah Willing. Jzwhara all sound hearts benefit from it. If a man does it with excellence, he will find forgiveness. On the word ism in the basmalah.

It is as if he is preparing a table of delicacies and inviting one and all to taste of its fruits. This is referred to as Naht in the Arabic language. It is the Name of the One who inspires us to improve our minds by thinking better thoughts [ Dunun ].

Some of my brothers have asked me to write a commentary [ hashiya ] on the poem. Assalamu Alaykum Ustadh Please can you provide a more specific date for the publication of the your monograph on the Jawhara?


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Mercy is rooted within the divine and expressed in the Prophet peace be upon him as two of the most central virtues, which embraces everything. Our son, Shaykh Allie Khalfe, is an intelligent student of knowledge. The legal rulings concerning Islamic jurisprudence [ fiqh ] is aimed at the purification of the body, the spiritual teachings [ tasawwuf ] at the purification of the heart, and the laws concerning beliefs [ tawhid ] at the purification of the intellect.

The word Rabb in this verse establishes a direct nexus between the source of the message and the one addressed peace be upon him. It is my dearest hope that this translation will provide the English reader with a clear and beneficial example of Islamic Theology.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – The Precious Jewel of Divine Oneness | The Ash’aris

He can never cease to be; His Being is necessary, as is His Eternality. This particular work, on the subject of beliefs, does not ignore the remaining two facets of the religion [ al-din ], as will be tawhd clear once the reader engages the text.

Grammarians though differ on its txwhid and etymology. With one of them, the creation shows mercy to each other; even the beasts show kindness to their offspring.

Jawhara al-Tawhid

Imam Laqqani was one of the renowned scholars of the Al-Azhar al-Sharif, in the 11th century of Islam approximately years ago and, needless to say, jawbara into his Jawharah and into the discipline of theology continues to this day at the Azhar al-Sharif. Some scholars said that poetry should not start with the basmalah. In contains them all.


One of the objectives of seeking sacred knowledge, as well as the sending of the messengers is to refine the moral character [ akhlaq ] of the human being. So when the pen touches the paper, before it moves and writes a book, it first produces a dot. It is the Name of the One who brings good cheer to those who practice solitary retreats [ khalawat ]. This has brought about a unique attachment and relationship with the Islamic lands of Africa, Asia and the entire Islamic realm, which is increasing around the globe.

Indeed, he would represent the entire humanity as a luminous light permeating all the land. Every other being draws its existence from Him, so that it is non-existent in its own right, and existent only by Him who gives it existence. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is the greatest of all the Names, because it refers to the Supreme Essence, in which is synthesised all the perfection of the Divine Qualities.

As human beings, we have interwoven within our very being the potential to err and forget. It is a phrase that brings about the abolition of misfortune [ niqma ]. The name could be Arab, Persian or Turkish, whereas the thing named may not be of that sort.

As for the idafithis is a starting point before the intended act, even though something might have preceded it like the basmalah.