JKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious. Learn 5 Drills For Improved Jeet Kune Do Techniques From Jeet Kune Do Training from a stationary position, the trainer will use footwork to move and attack. Here’s a Newer Video on Jeet Kune Do Footwork and Trapping. Agility, distance, timing and structure are essential to performing JKD Footwork and applying it.

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Jeet Kune Do Footwork by Tim Tackett

It is just one quick motion, but your body should be in alignment and in balance. Constant shifting of footwork to secure the correct measure Broken Rhythm. Keep drilling faster and faster by lunging to times per day. This unnecessary, strenuous stance is not functional because it is slow and awkward. Lead toe and rear heel on the same line Lead toe and arch of rear foot on the same line called closed alignment was adopted at the foogwork development stages of Jeet Kune Do heavily influenced by Western Fencing, providing better mobility and reach.

Snap Back Snap back means simply to snap the body away from a straight lead enough to make the opponent miss. Ducking Ducking is dropping the body forward under swings and hooks hands or feet directed at the head.

However, it is very effective in gauging and obtaining correct distance from which to launch a strike.


It is used primarily against straight leads and counters. By sweeping your lead hand upward, you create momentum.

The two chief things that proper footwork provides for the martial artist is a nkd of finding a target and a means to avoid being a target.

Naturally, your heel should drop at the impact of the blow. There are many martial arts that do not use much footwork.

Bruce Lee’s Footwork | Martial Arts | Jeet Kune Do

All of the torque comes from the toes and the balls of the feet. The backward thrust is like the quick backward movement except that it carries your body backward quicker and deeper. To close the gap between you and your opponent during trapping, blocking, or counter attack, you must use footwork. JFJKD teaches one how to be a thinking fighter. From an on guard position, push the ball of your front foot to initiate the motion which straightens your front knee and shifts the weight to the rear foot.

He wanted me to be able to glide in and out, throwing techniques from all angles after coming into various ranges through footwork. At that instant, your weight would shift to that foot just a little. Ironically, most of the martial artists I see practicing today and this is by no means addressed only to amateurs or beginnersare neglecting their footwork which is unfortunate, owing to the fact that footwork is, quite simply, the science of motion.

The same sequence applies when sidestepping right, only the right or lead leg moves first, with the rear leg following in a lateral motion.

  3M X21I PDF

Replace step from inside to outside Wrestling 8.

Good footwork allows you to hit from any angle and also to follow up your initial attack with more powerful finishing blows. Good footwork will beat any kick or punch. Your raised back heel allows you to react quickly and act as a spring, giving in to blows from any angle.

It is raised slightly higher than the front foot, about one-fourth or one-half of footdork inch. Acceleration can be increased only by discipline in your workout.

Your knees should always be bent slightly so that the powerful thigh muscles springy expressiveness are utilized. A moving target is definitely more difficult to hit than a stationary one. Nothing in life is free. If you were to move just once, you should be at the on-guard position. Correct measure for explosive penetration. Instead, shuffle your feet.

Why We Need Bruce Lee’s Footwork

In this art, there is no nonsense of squatting on a footqork horse stance for three long years before moving. Rolling Rolling nullifies the force of a blow by moving the body with it. Once you are accustomed to the foot movement with proper balance, learn to sweep your hand forward just before each leap.