The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown [Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Mia Ryan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Lady Whistledown Tells All!Society is abuzz when the Season’s most promising debutante is jilted by her intended — only to be swept away by the deceitful ro. This collection of stories builds on the popular Lady Whistledown character from Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series. Each story features entries by the popular.

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So, juliaa by one: Now he’s in London looking for a wife. How to Capture a Countess. When she ventures back to London, his elder brother decides and rightly so that his family is responsible for her fall and takes her out for one dance. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Do me a favor, anyone reading this review, if you know of books where the lead gets shot in the head, tip me off to them. But he finds that he is quite attracted to her plus there’s the pride issueso he decides to woo her. Except she’s already inclined to NOT like him, since he’s never once made any effort whatsoever to try to contact her or get to know her, even though he’s had 18 or 20 years to do so.


The Devil Wears Kilts. The couple has been betrothed since the girl was born 19 years ago the boy was 7. She actually appears in one of the stories! His brain was sound, but frequently he couldn’t get his mouth to communicate his thoughts accurately. The fact I have never skated doesn’t mean I couldn’t have enjoyed it. One night at the theater, he happens upon a young woman crying alone in an empty theater box, and offers her his handkerchief.

She loves living in the city and shopping. Liza has been best friends with Royce for years.

The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown by Julia Quinn

When Anne was born, she was promised in marriage to Max by agreement of the two sets of parents. This book has 4 short stories that are all fun reads. I want to observatipns it again!!!!

I wasn’t so amused with that along with Lady Caroline’s tendency to cry around Terrence.

The romance worked conceptually, but the emotional beats were too fast, and I didn’t feel any of them. Hawkins’s romance between an eccentric spinster and an amiable rake is the most traditional of the lot, while Ryan stretches the bounds of the uulia with a hero whose odd behavior stems from more than simple eccentricity. The Taming of a Scottish Princess. She puts on a brave face, but eventually makes to leave. She was supposed to be his brother’s wife but said brother was stupid enough to let her go Em setembro, Susannah se recolheu ao campo.


Nov 22, Patria rated it really liked whistledow Shelves: I preferred Karen Hawkins’ tale of long-time friends finally coming together as lovers and in fact, plan to find some of her booksbut every tale had its merits.

I didn’t notice things I should have done. I just really didn’t understand the emotional arc here. Their honesty was refreshing. Julia Quinn fans, romance lovers. I can still recall when Lady Whistledown was exposed and was so sad to see the end of her that I immediately found this anthology and started on it. He knows that if they dance, people mulia realize that there aren’t any bad feelings between their family and her and will do a lot to restore her in the eyes of society.

Lists with This Book. Mas todos esses teriam de “esperar no banco” porque, sem avisar, o noivo misterioso apareceu na cidade. The stranger happens to be the mysterious Lord Darington. She and her mother have held a seething grudge toward Terrance ever since they were given two days to vacate their home, Ivy Park, three years previously.

If you fell in love with her in the Bridgerton Series, you won’t want to miss this anthology!